Summer prep for the chairs

Back beds cleaned up and mulched

We are hosting a Father’s Day + Birthday BBQ this weekend, so I have been working on spiffing up the outside.

Dirty and weathered Smith and Hawkin chair

First up, was cleaning our outdoor chairs. We leave these guys outside all year under our roof overhang so they stay dry, but besides that we don’t take any other special care of them.

Clean, Tighten & Condition

Close up of weathered chair before cleaning

After three years of outdoor use, I think they look really good, but I’d like them to last for years to come.

Washing the chairs with Murphy Oil soap and hot water

Every summer I like to spiff them up with a three-step process – clean, tighten and condition.

Washing the chair

With a bucket of hot water and soap (I used Murphy Oil Soap), I cleaned off all the grime and cobwebs.

Tightening all the screws with my hex-key

Them, I like to tightened up all the screws with my handy hex-key. The last thing I want is a wiggly chair. It can put unnecessary ware of the chair joints and it’s really not comfortable for my guests.


Finally, I applied a wood conditioner (like this) to the chair. This stuff soaks up in about 15 minutes and then you can go back and wipe away any excess. Our chairs were still pretty dry after the first conditioning, so the following day I lightly sanded any rough patches and applied a second coat of conditioner.

Now they are almost as good as new! Next step is to replace the cushions I started last year.

*I was not paid to use any of the above products. I bought them with my own money because I like them.