Feline Friday: Chopsticks

Feline Friday: Chopsticks

I added some wooden chopsticks around our catnip plant to deter the cats from killing it. It’s been successful – although Loki has discovered that the chopsticks make a great head-scratcher as well.

Feline Friday: Nate and Cat

Nate & Pixel in the background

So today I decided to do a little character study of Nate with each of our kitties. I really like this photo of Pixel unfocused in the background with Nate watching television. I can’t tell if she’s watching him or I distracted her with the camera.

Loki asleep above Nate's head

Loki has been Nate’s sleeping buddy this year. I really like this photo of waking up to find the cat behind Nate’s head on a pillow. Often, I have a sense the cats are on the bed with us, but until I fully wake up I don’t know what configuration we are all in.

Feline Friday: Lots of love

Lots of love

Loki has recovered from his recent health issue and has been doing really well. Nate and I have noticed that he is a little more needy than normal so we’ve been giving him extra love anytime we can.

Ruby loves the cats, but she is still working on her own petting skills. Every day there is a point where she grabs the cat’s head or pulls their fur instead of the gentle pets we have been teaching her. It will get better, but I can imagine the cats feel anxious when she’s around.

We spend quality time with both cats when Ruby is sleeping. I wish I had more time, but we are doing the best we can.

As a girl that grew-up with cats, I can’t wait until Ruby and our kitties have a strong bond. It may be my favorite daydream. Ruby waking up in her big girl bed with a cat asleep at her feet.

Feline Friday: Cystitis


Loki was acting super weird last weekend. He was crying and seemed super irritated. Then he tried to pee in Ruby’s bed. At first, I though it may be a reaction to Ruby, but as I observed him I realized it was a physical problem. He tried to use the liter box multiple times that afternoon and then he tried to pee in other places as well.

Nate called the vet and took him in around 8pm. He had developed his second case of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Test results said he had microscopic mineral crystals in his urine, which cause great distress because the urine cannot be emptied from the bladder, which not only makes the cat very sick but can become fatal.

The vet gave him a shot of saline under his skin to keep him hydrated. They also gave him a prescription to help dissolve the crystals.

It’s awful when your animals are sick, buy luckily Loki began feeling much better. Since then we’ve cut out dry food which may initiate or aggravate issue and so far he seems to be doing fine.