January 2013 Recap

January 2013 Recap

I swear 2013 is flying by way too fast. It’s already the third week of February and I still haven’t posted my January summary. I am changing the format of these posts yet again. In my attempt to simplify, I am just calling these recaps instead of favorites so I have free rein on what I include. Watch out!

January 2013 Recap

1) I took the plunge and registered for my first half marathon in March. It’s a big time commitment, but I have been following the Hal Higdon plan so all the workouts are scheduled.

2) Football playoffs kept us interested all month and a good background for the huge amount of grading Nate did at the end of his semester. I loved Ray Lewis’s “Hot in Herre” entrance to his last home game and made Nate play it a couple of times for me (check it out here if you didn’t see it).

3) I began to embrace simple recipes I could prep and serve within an hour. Time management in the kitchen has never been my strong suit, but the less time I spend cooking means more time for running and other projects!

4) My big purchase on the month was two fiddle leaf figs from IKEA. One is in our front room in a pretty purple pot. I am still looking for the perfect white ceramic pot for the second plant that’s going in our bedroom.

5) My neglected office was finally finished with some sweet rearranging and a lot of clutter removing.

6) We took a break from grading went and saw John Oliver perform on a Friday night. Most know him as a correspondent on the Daily Show, he also has a podcast that is a favorite of Nate’s. I surprised him with front row tickets to the show and afterwards we were lucky to get a photo.

7) I started drinking coffee again after a little after holiday detox. Starbucks started selling $1 reusable cups that only strengthen my love affair.

8) In the kitchen, I began a bunch of small projects including a chalkboard wall.

9) My first anniversary with Instagram came and went. I still can’t get enough of the application and now you can even follow along online. My user name is andiezoe if you also use the app. Add me as a friend and I’ll do the same!

My little ol’ office desk

Office Desk

My desk is almost completed. She needs a little polyurethane and touch-up paint to finish her up.

Seeing my desk so clean is inspirational. This whole office project is really making me focus on getting rid of random “stuff”. It’s hard for me to let go of some of it, but very necessary.

Office: Paper Flowers

I got a few more details to finish up before I am done with the whole room. It’s looking so good!! I can’t wait to check this off the list and use it.

More office parts

You gotta love IKEA products like Expedit bookcases and Kassett boxes. They kill me with their usefulness.

I bought two Expedit bookcases on sale when we first moved into the house. I figured I would find something to do with them. They eventually found their way into my office.

Organizing the bookcases

Eight Kassett boxes were purchased for the two bookcases. They work great for organizing all sort of random items. I hold photography equipment, sewing and art supplies, gifts and office items in mine.

The biggest problem was remembering which box was which. I settled for fluorescent pink labels until I found a better solution.


Then, I had an “ah-ha” moment rummaging through my art supplies. There in the midst of acrylic paint tubes was a pack of paper stencils.

I know stenciling isn’t really the rage it was during the Trading Spaces era, but I thought this would be the perfect solution to my quandary.

Stenciling Numbers

Using numbers 1-8, I attached each stencil to the front of a box with removable round labels I had lying around. Then with a stiff paintbrush, I carefully stenciled with black acrylic paint.

Finished Number

I let the paint dry for a minute before carefully removed the stencil.

Bookcase - In Progress

Voila! A quick, inexpensive way to organize my boxes!

Our First Shopping Trip

Sunday morning started with a trip to IKEA and Home Depot with Nate.

We picked up two desks at IKEA. One for each office. Unfortunately Nate’s desk, a large corner unit, would not fit in the car so we had to tie to the top of my little green civic.

We tied it as tight as possible and I kept my hand on the ropes as we drove off to Home Depot for new paint roller covers.

I had started painting with a 3/8 inch nap roller cover and it was taking forever to cover the walls with primer! Luckily, the Home Depot guy suggested I use a 1/2 inch nap roller cover which will hold more paint and make it easier to cover the texture and groves in concrete block walls.

Note to self, make sure to ask questions of the experts BEFORE I purchase supplies next time!

We were a little worried to get on the freeway with our desk tied to the roof, but we took it slow with our hazards on and safely made it home. I think we will be borrowing a bigger car next time we head to IKEA.