Removing adhesive from our kitchen floor

So our kitchen floor was a mess. We ripped out the crumbling linoleum when we first moved in on a whim and was left with a gross, stained concrete floor.

At the time, we had other projects to work on so we covered it with a green IKEA rag rug. The rug looked great when it was clean, but keeping a rug clean in a kitchen was not an easy task. In fact, I began to hate that rug with a passion. Just thinking about that grubby rug makes my toes curl!

So weeks, months go by with the rug in the kitchen while I tried to figure out what to do with the floor. Do we replace the linoleum? Or just refinish the concrete subfloor? In the end I decide to just refinish the sub-floor. I would rather have the kitchen floor flow with the rest of the house.

I finally stumbled on some web posts about how to remove glue from sub-floor with an adhesive remover.


During my next trip to the local home improvement store, I bought a bottle and brought it home to test it out.

Although a messy process – it worked great.

Here’s the difference.

Removing Glue from a Concrete Floor

1) Buy a adhesive remover. I used Henry EasyRelease Adhesive Remover.
2) Dilute the adhesive remover using the manufacturers directions.

3) I found it was easier to divide the floor into small sections to work with. The solution needs to stay wet and its easier to control in smaller sections.

4) Apply the solution with a squeegy (or an old paper binder!) so you get a even thin coat on the floor.
5) Leave solution on floor for 30-45 minutes.

6) Use a wallpaper or floor stripper, remove the gunk from the floor. I must warn you. It will be messy. Make sure to have a mop and rags handy.

Our floor still needs another treatment and then probably needs to be buffed, but I am very pleased to finally throw away the decrepid green rug.