January 2015 Recap

January 2015 Recap

1) Long walks have been a major blessing for me this month. I started 2015 taking walk near the American River with my family over my Winter Break. Since then, I’ve been doing a combo of walks near my house or on the treadmill.

2) Through my work I was able to meet Jamie Oliver and see him in action. It was a major highlight for me. I’ve been a fan since the Naked Chef came out.

3) While Nate spent countless hours watching season after season of Friends while he graded, I fell in love with The Great British Bake-off on PBS.

4) One of my New Year’s goals was to read fifty books this year. I have to a good start. In January, I finished #GirlBoss, The Tyrant’s Law & The Widow’s House.

5) I attended my first baby shower pregnant. It was fun to share the moment with Elissa and can’t wait to meet her little one.

6) The melodic Waves by Mr. Probz’s Waves has been in my head all month. I just can’t stop listening to it.

7) Our carpenter on Project Roof surprised us with this amazing bench made from new and reclaimed wood from the project.

8) I helped Nate with his end of semester grading by entering scored into his gradebook. So glad I had PBS shows to keep my going through the hours of data entry.

9) Lemons, lemons, lemons – I have been putting lemon zest, juice and pulp in just about everything this month and I don’t see the obsession changing until we have no more Meyer Lemons on our tree.

Adding a Bedroom Closet


This weekend our bedroom finally gets a new closet. It’s been about five years since Bath Crashers took our old one away to make room for our amazing new bathroom. It was an easy trade back then, but I am really excited to have one back in the room now with the baby coming.

My dad is helping me with this project since Nate will be working on the Prison Bath and Nursery. Last weekend, Dad emailed me our plan of attack and since he is so sweet for taking this on with me I wanted to share it today.

The Construction Plan


The new closet will sit in our shed that is on the opposite side of the bedroom wall. Eventually we plan to take over the shed completely with a walk-in closet that can also be a place for extra storage and a little office nook. But that’s down the line – this weekend we are just building your standard size closet with sliding doors.

I have a three day weekend (thanks President’s Day!) to get started but we still have a lot to accomplish in that time period (and probably many more weekends to go until it’s finished).

  1. Frame back, side walls & bottom (both treated & untreated)
  2. Remove house siding from inside closet space (in shed) & install on back wall
  3. Insulate back wall
  4. Insulate floor & install floor board
  5. Insulate end wall & install end siding
  6. Remove bedroom wall sheetrock, 2×4’s & frame closet opening to sliding door specs
  7. Sheetrock back and sides of closet
  8. Install clothes rod & shelf
  9. Install sliding door
  10. Tape, plaster & paint closet

We will frame out the closet and insulate it before cutting into the bedroom wall. This let’s me keep my bedroom intact for as long as possible.


Here’s the framing from the front (bedroom side).


Framing from the back (shed side).


The frame for the side and bottom of the closet.


Although ugly, we plan on installing these contractor grade steel sliding doors. For temporary doors, we wanted something well made, but inexpensive. These doors fit the bill.

Material List

  • Treated 2x4s – 1 -2×4 x10′ & 2 – 2×4 x8′
  • 14 – 2×4 x8′
  • 2 – 2”x6” x 6′
  • Sheetrock 2 – 4′ x 8′
  • Insulation 50′ + of 16” R19
  • Use existing back siding
  • Need End siding – 3′ x 8′ plywood
  • Floor – 3′ x 5′ plywood
  • Sliding door – metal
  • Clothes rod & shelf

Why we are adding a closet now

We need a closet so we can get our house appraised to refinance plus the nursery is taking over mine in the office.

Bedrooms are not necessarily defined as having a closet, but if you have ever researched (like me) the issue, it’s a little confusing. Here’s what I have come up with. Older homes that were built without closets (example: early 1900’s) don’t necessarily need them in their bedrooms, but bedrooms that were build with closets should have one. Since our bedroom was built with a closet it seems smart to add one back in before the appraisal.

I’ll report back on progress next week. Weather should be in the late 60s to early 70s – perfect for an outdoor project!

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-22


I was away for the weekend so the pregnancy update is posting a little late this week. The last two weeks have been the best so far. I’ve had energy and only minor issues. Watch the video below to get the full scoop.

Highlights of Weeks 21-22