August 2014 Recap

August 2014 Recap

I love August. It’s so busy and full of laughter. We did a lot, but I enjoyed every minute.

1. We took a group of friends to Sea Ranch and they loved it so much we plan to go back next summer. #searanch2014
2. I love BBQ Oysters from Fishtarian in Bodega Bay SO MUCH.
3. I did my best to unplug as much as possible. It is a daily struggle for me to put that darn iphone down, but I continue to work on it.
4. I got a little obsessed with Orphan Black and Cedar Cove this month. These two shows couldn’t be more different, but I enjoyed them both. I would recommend Orphan Black to anyone, but Cedar Cove only for the sentimental.
5. We have been making roof progress. Nate really spearheaded the drive and I am so thankful he did because I was an absolutely horrible project manager. We have our funding secured and hopefully vendor contracts signed this week!
6. My parents bought me this excellent Maleficent hat on a Disneyland trip with the nieces. Looks like I have my Halloween inspiration this year…
7. I had to say goodbye to my moon window decal when we got a new windshield. She’s been with me since my first car.
8. Nate and I attended a sweet, intimate wedding in our friends’ backyard.
9. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Aren’t they adorable? :)

Quick update and Skylights

Sea Ranch 2014: Walk to Shell Beach

It’s been at least a few weeks since I last posted here on the blog. The weather has been fabulous and it’s been hard to focus on a computer screen. I have a ton of posts of summer DIYs, vacations and new projects to write about and hundreds of photos to edit. I plan on just adding a few summer posts with the “current” ones until I get caught up.

As I have mentioned many times, this blog the place for me to document our goings on. I don’t take myself too seriously here, but I still like to post when events and projects are fresh. I often get stressed when I get backlogged, but that’s just life.

I see a pattern of me being über focused on the blog, then stepping back, then becoming intense again. September is such a good time to recalibrate. I’ve been evaluating a lot of my habits and daily processes lately. My new goal is to fan my intensity out a little so I am more even paced here and elsewhere in my daily to-dos.

Luckily, the last days of our summer have been relaxed and easy. It always gets a little intense right before school starts, but we both tried to slow down and enjoy as much as possible before the tide changed once again. We are now in the second week and finally getting accustomed to a normal work schedule. With football starting this weekend, I can see Autumn on the horizon even though it still feels very much like summer in these parts.


Installing New Skylight Screens

Installing New Skylight Screens

When you last saw me, I showed you my lovely new front window screen, but that wasn’t the end of the full project. Once the screen was installed, I moved on two our skylights. We had to replace the skylight screens for a slightly different reason than that windows. Although both had the same culprit – those darn cats.

Installing New Skylight Screens

You see, not only to cats love to hang on and attack screens, but they also will sit on them. I guess that mesh allows them get a little airflow on their furry backside. Well, lo and behold, the screens couldn’t hold up to repeatable abuse and weight of the cats. So for the last year or more, we’ve had broken screens in our skylights.

Installing New Skylight Screens

Climbing on the roof, isn’t one of my favorite activities, but I was determined to finally get this task done.

Installing New Skylight Screens

The biggest difference in skylight vs. window screen repair is the removal/install. Skylights have to be unhinged or opened so the screen can be taken out. In our case, we also had to unclasp the chain that moves the skylight up and down because the chain actually attaches through the screen on these models.


So I climbed up onto the roof, took off the skylight hood and unclasped the chain so I could hand the screen to Nate who was waiting below. Then I climbed down and worked on fixing the screens with the same basic process I used before.

Installing New Skylight Screens

On the second skylight screen I found an issue. The frame was broken at the corner. I needed to run back to the hardware store to get a corner replacement, but had to postpone the trip until after work the following day.

Installing New Skylight Screens

Then, the next day came with a potential thunderstorm in the early evening. This seemed highly unlikely to me, but as soon as I left work, raindrops began to hit my windshield. I didn’t dally and got the part I needed, but once I got home I remember we had plans that evening. So instead of installing the screens, we went had a nice evening with neighbors. It rained a little, but nothing much. I got the frames put together, but needed help getting them installed. Nate was going out-of-town and we just didn’t have enough time to get them in before he left. So we had the holes open in our roof for a week before we were able to install them.

Installing New Skylight Screens

It actually was nice to have the openings. Obviously not practical for the long haul, the week without screens was mild so we got a ton of light in and just enjoyed the extra airflow.

Installing New Skylight Screens

When we finally had time to get the screens in, Nate climbed up on the roof with me and held the skylight cover in place so I could get the chain clasped in.

Installing New Skylight Screens

It was a little harder than I thought laying on the hot roof trying to thread the clip in. We were sweating bullets by the time we finished the second one and quickly got done to admire our handiwork.

Then guess what happens a couple of days later…

Cat on screen

I crossed my fingers and hoped the cats were just testing it out and would eventually leave the screen alone. But no – less than a week after the install the back screen busted. Nate gave me the bad news Friday night.

Damn cats.

I am not sure how to proceed from here without adding spikes and other impaling instruments around the frame. I am going to take a little time to cool off and think this through. Any ideas?

July 2014 Recap

July 2014 Recap

Oh July – you came and went oftly fast! I am just now taking the time appreciating all the fun you brought me.

1. The beginning of July found us at the top of the big island of Hawaii near Honoka’a.

2. I read on the last three Game of Thrones books over our Hawaii vacation. I finished A Dance with Dragons on the flight home. It’s hard to keep all the plot developments secret from Nate who hasn’t read any of the books, but I am doing my best to stay mum.

3. We arrived home very late on the 3rd of July, slept and then had to quickly switch gears in order to host our annual 4th of July party. #weneverstop

4. Watching the kids in our lives interact this year was adorable. They are all growing up so fast.

5. I declared a pool siesta every night this summer to relax. Sometimes after work I am in such a funk, it is difficult for me to break it. Spending thirty minutes swimming or just chilling in the pool helps a lot. My pool siesta hasn’t happened every night but I still have forty days left of summer to enjoy them.

6. Fresh tomatoes are the best. Maybe that’s why I have four tomato plants growing…

7. And speaking of tomatoes, the Pomodoro Time app has become a new favorite productivity tool. You set the timer and then have 25 minutes to focus on work with a five minute break. The cycle continues for three more runs and then you get a 15 minute break. It’s a great way to focus and get stuff done.

8. While camping, I swam across the Russian River with Teagan on my back. Her excitement that I was taking her to the big kids was the sweetest thing. #auntiesarefun

9. Vacation always brings reflection and these Yoobi notebooks have become a new favorite journalling notebook plus they are a good alternative to the pricy Moleskine ones.