Kitchen Grout Makeover

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

What did you do last Friday night? Go out for a drink? Stay in and watch a movie? Me?? Well I painted my kitchen tile grout. (Note: This post is was written in January, so make sure to visualize me working on this in January not March below.)

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

Here’s the story. We had major grout problems. Stained and murky grout plagued my kitchen counters since we moved in FOUR YEARS AGO. No matter how much bleach and other cleaning agents I used to scrub them would remove the staining. I am sure many others have had this same issue.

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

When I heard about this product and I wondered if this could solve my problem. As I say about all my kitchen posts, is I am just trying to maintain until we remodel down the road.

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

So on Friday night, I stood against the counter with a paintbrush and a bottle of beer and painted grout for hours. Then I wiped off the excess with a rag.

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

You can see it isn’t perfect, but it’s so much better. I purposely picked a color that blended into the tile.

Kitchen Grout Makeover // Our Concrete Home (

I don’t want my eye to see the counters at all. I’d rather you focus on the few bright-colored details we have in the room instead.

February 2014 Recap

February 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. Olympics are back! Celebrated with torched ice cream made by my husband.
2. We had another fun LPGC dinner.
3. I went on an epic bridesmaid dress shopping trip.
4. I gave up running for the time being (stupid knee!) and watched NFL hopefuls do it instead.
5. We cut our cable.
6. I am bringing back flannel…
7. and took home so many macaroons after D+D’s engagement party.
8. Gail moved in with us after back surgery…
9. and Nate’s started a honeymoon can drive.

January 2014 Recap

January 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. Bam! Finished Breaking Bad.
2. Met our new little love, Clara.
3. Lots of WordPress development work happened.
4. First batch of thank you cards went out (yes for the wedding!).
5. Celebrating Josh’s 40th in San Francisco.
6. Helped Nate get through his semester grading.
7. I made some Flemish Farm Soup.
8. Dried persimmons are really delicious and addictive.
9. My pjs from Target have the best color scheme.

Honky Tonk Engagement Mix for D+D


Two of my favorite people got engaged over the winter holidays. To me, their wedding plans have come together quickly and efficiently. It’s very impressive since I felt overwhelmed by most of the process.


The lovely couple is tying the knot the week after Nate and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I'm excited to be part of it from the bridesmaid perspective this time.


And yes, this does mean more wedding projects may be featured here. I will be designing their wedding stationery and it sounds like a few projects we featured here on OCH may be re-crafted for their big day. If so, I hope I get permission to show them on OCH. I think it would be a cool idea to see a project two ways, done by two different couples.


In the meantime, I wanted to share the playlist I put together for their engagement party. The groom requested a lot of strumming honky tonk so I complied with a festive mix of guitar, a little indie and some of his favorite bands.

Check it out a snippet of what I played below via Spotify and enjoy!

You can also click the to get the playlist link so you can play or save it in the Spotify webplayer.