This is our master list. It shows where we’ve been and what we hope to do on the house. Some items may take years to complete and/or save for. Others were finished the first few weeks we were in the house. But who cares? This blog is about the journey.

If you’d like to see some of our favorite DIY projects, click here.

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Front room

  • Paint walls
  • Remove carpet
  • Replace and expand front window
  • Replace door knobs and locks
  • Replace front door
  • Recover sofa and chairs
  • Install fireplace pillow for drafts
  • Convert wood fireplace to gas


  • Paint walls and cabinets
  • Remove linoleum
  • Remove glue adhesive on floor
  • Tear out built-in cabinets
  • Reorganize kitchen layout (switch stove and sink, etc.)
  • Built kitchen island and replace cabinets
  • Refinish concrete floors (View the progress here)

Dining area

  • Paint walls
  • Replace windows and french doors
  • Paint pocket door
  • Move in Estelle dining table
  • Purchase dining chairs
  • Replace light

Great Room

  • Paint room and ceiling
  • Remove wood stove
  • Buy sectional
  • Install new double slider and screen
  • Refinish Shirley dining table(See Retro Dining Table)
  • Remove ceiling
  • Replace ceiling and insulate
  • Install pocket lights
  • Install new ceiling light above dining table
  • Take out AC unit
  • Install new floor
  • Install cat door 🙂

Master Bedroom and Bath

  • Paint room
  • Replace sliding door
  • Expand and add-on walk in closet
  • Remodel bathroom with the help of Bath Crashers
  • Repaint bathroom

Andrea’s Office

  • Paint room
  • Install new lighting
  • Paint desk
  • Install blackout curtains
  • Install FLOR tiles
  • Reorganize and decorate

Nate’s Office

  • Paint room
  • Remove film from french doors
  • Remove vent
  • Install concert art

Guest Bathroom (a.k.a. Prison Bathroom)

  • Prime and paint walls
  • Frame out shower for closet rebuild
  • Install closet door
  • Add new electrical
  • Add shower to bath
  • Install sink and toilet

Half Bath

  • Paint bathroom
  • Replace countertop

Front yard

  • Prune and remove overgrown plants
  • Transplant hydrangea to backyard
  • Remove half concrete wall
  • Replant flower beds
  • Remove Rose bushes
  • Prune Dogwood
  • Finish concrete wall and remove sunken blocks
  • Build and install raised beds
  • Install drip system
  • Extend front porch
  • Install pergola
  • Re-landscape front yard
  • Add more support to carport or turn into garage
  • Install chimney cover
  • Replace roof and fascia


  • Replace back fence
  • Prune back neighbors trees
  • Add concrete step for double slider
  • Reseal patio
  • Paint 1/2 Bathroom Exterior Window Trim
  • Paint fascia trim
  • Design backyard patio (Read about it here)
  • Build back patio
  • Build shed for pool pump
  • Re-sod right side of yard
  • Use the wood stove as outdoor fireplace (Started it here)
  • Fix shed roof leak