Front yard


When we purchased the house, the front yard was overgrown and a ghastly gray.


092109_ 051


In Progress

We started by painting the house a retro green with gray trim. Hydrangeas, rosemary and other bushes were transplanted from the flower bed.

092809_ 169

041810 037

We replaced the porch light and painted our front door a rich purple.

The decorated front porch

Next, we bust out the half wall in front of the door and boy was it fun. (Now, we just need to finish it!)

060410_ 040

060410_ 046

In 2010, we had all our windows and doors replaced with energy efficient double-paned ones. Our front window was replaced with a larger one.

080610_ 046

080610_ 078

We also replaced the old door and security gate with a brand new door.

Front of the House