June Recap 2014

June 2014 Recap

This month’s recap took me longer than most. I feel so much has happened since the beginning of June that it was hard to narrow my nine items down. My final selection is a little bit of everything.

1. Finding peonies at Trader Joe’s the morning of Dagny’s bridal shower.
2. Feeling like I have a handle custom design work
3. Attending my cousin Molly’s high school graduation
4. Picking plums from the garden
5. Scoring four mid-century chairs (and later the matching table)
6. Entering into World Cup mania (Nate and the cats after his World Cup birthday)
7. Having mega fake eyelashes as a bridesmaid
8. Successfully getting Nate on a plane
9. Finally having Hawaii time

April 2014 Recap

April 2014 Favorites

1. Spring Break and Easter happened.
2. Dagny’s Bachelorette was in Tahoe during a gorgeous weekend.
3. I’ve put a lot of work in my new etsy products.
4. We’ve become Sac Republic fans. #undominable
5. Nate and I started a budget together. This month is all about the cash system.
6. I posted a lot of food on Instagram (like an enormous amount).
7. Game of Thrones is back!
8. Nate made me dinner all by himself and it was fantastic.
9. I got a bean plant in a bottle and it made my day.


Also if you are interested I posted a video about my Spring Favorites today.

I am still learning the rope of this video thing, but I can only get better with practice!

Products mentioned:

Health Products

Vega Recovery Accelerator
Vega Protein Powder in Tropical Tango
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein in Natural
The Republic of Tea, Get Happy Tea
Pukka Herbs – Organic Super Fruity Tea Elderberry & Echinacea with Elderflower


Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap
Nourish Organics Argan Serum
Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleaning Oil
Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream
Boscia Intensifying Moisture Pack +
Philosophy Lasting Hope Instant Refreshing Moisture Mask

Four Emergency Skin Aids

Cortizone-10 (1% hydrocortisone cream)
Neosporin (Anti Bacterial Cream)
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Craft & Office Favorites

Assorted Washi Tape (also check out etsy!)
Le Pen – 12 Pack
Sharpie Fine Point Pen Stylo – 12 Pack
Post-its (full adhesive, 4×4 square and shapes)

Random Favorites

Portable Fold-Up iPad Stand
I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano

Disclosure: Some of the product links above are affiliate links. All opinions are my own and all the products were either purchased by me or given as gifts.

March 2014 Recap

March 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (http://wp.me/p1Ax0a-2Zj)

1. We had a lively night in SF for Josh’s 40th.
2. One of my favorite movies was quoted at the Oscars.
3. Loki received his new scratch post tower from Aunt Marga. He hasn’t left it since.
4. True Detective! If you didn’t see this amazing HBO series check it out as soon as you can!
5. We started a tradition with Nate’s mom and Aunt Debbie – cat poems after dinner.
6. Ever heard of KAIA Fit? It’s made me and Dagny almost morning people.
7. I participated in my first and probably last engagement photo ambush.
8. The garden is starting to take shape.
9. Nate and I like shirts with boats.

February 2014 Recap

February 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (http://wp.me/p1Ax0a-2XR)

1. Olympics are back! Celebrated with torched ice cream made by my husband.
2. We had another fun LPGC dinner.
3. I went on an epic bridesmaid dress shopping trip.
4. I gave up running for the time being (stupid knee!) and watched NFL hopefuls do it instead.
5. We cut our cable.
6. I am bringing back flannel…
7. and took home so many macaroons after D+D’s engagement party.
8. Gail moved in with us after back surgery…
9. and Nate’s started a honeymoon can drive.

January 2014 Recap

January 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (http://wp.me/p1Ax0a-2rP)

1. Bam! Finished Breaking Bad.
2. Met our new little love, Clara.
3. Lots of WordPress development work happened.
4. First batch of thank you cards went out (yes for the wedding!).
5. Celebrating Josh’s 40th in San Francisco.
6. Helped Nate get through his semester grading.
7. I made some Flemish Farm Soup.
8. Dried persimmons are really delicious and addictive.
9. My pjs from Target have the best color scheme.