March 2014 Recap

March 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. We had a lively night in SF for Josh’s 40th.
2. One of my favorite movies was quoted at the Oscars.
3. Loki received his new scratch post tower from Aunt Marga. He hasn’t left it since.
4. True Detective! If you didn’t see this amazing HBO series check it out as soon as you can!
5. We started a tradition with Nate’s mom and Aunt Debbie – cat poems after dinner.
6. Ever heard of KAIA Fit? It’s made me and Dagny almost morning people.
7. I participated in my first and probably last engagement photo ambush.
8. The garden is starting to take shape.
9. Nate and I like shirts with boats.

February 2014 Recap

February 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. Olympics are back! Celebrated with torched ice cream made by my husband.
2. We had another fun LPGC dinner.
3. I went on an epic bridesmaid dress shopping trip.
4. I gave up running for the time being (stupid knee!) and watched NFL hopefuls do it instead.
5. We cut our cable.
6. I am bringing back flannel…
7. and took home so many macaroons after D+D’s engagement party.
8. Gail moved in with us after back surgery…
9. and Nate’s started a honeymoon can drive.

January 2014 Recap

January 2014 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. Bam! Finished Breaking Bad.
2. Met our new little love, Clara.
3. Lots of WordPress development work happened.
4. First batch of thank you cards went out (yes for the wedding!).
5. Celebrating Josh’s 40th in San Francisco.
6. Helped Nate get through his semester grading.
7. I made some Flemish Farm Soup.
8. Dried persimmons are really delicious and addictive.
9. My pjs from Target have the best color scheme.

December 2013 Recap

December 2013 Recap // Our Concrete Home (

1. Loki loves the dog show
2. Nate’s sister got married
3. Vampire Penguin’s shaved snow deliciousness
4. Uncle Nate dressed as a princess for Hannah
5. Love Actually ten years later
6. Christmas Ugly Sweater contest
7. Xmas Eve Dinner at our house
8. Nate’s DIY bench
9. and so much pho!

November 2013 Recap

November 2013 Recap

1. We celebrated 30th birthday of a good friend…so fun and yes, it was a total surprise!
2. Our Land Park Gourmet Club (LPGC) had another scrumptious dinner. This time at J+D’s.
3. Both my sisters are scorpios. We has a dinner party to celebrate their birthdays with Teagan’s assisted present opening.
4. The kitties had their shots at the vet. Who was more traumatized – the cats or Nate?
5. I had a girls weekend away in Half Moon Bay celebrating another friend’s birthday.
6. I ran my second half marathon.
7. Nate and I went on our long awaited trip to Monterey and Big Sur and had the most glorious weather.
8. We ate a lot of great food on the trip.
9. Cut Copy concert at The Fox Theater with Josh and Jill Marie.