Mother’s Day 2016 Vlog

I made a goal this year to post a video a week (some new and some old) on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. I have a lot of footage from last year I need to go through and do something with. This video project seemed the perfect way to put all those memories into bite-sized stories.

Here’s the first a flashback to last May over Mother’s Day weekend.

Countdown to Baby Vlogs: Part 2

Very pregnant

Here’s the second installment of my countdown to baby vlogs. (If you missed the first check them out here.) As the days go on you will notice how tired and emotionally drained I got – crazy to look back at them now.

Countdown to Baby Vlogs: Part 1


I am officially on maternity leave waiting for this little baby to come which is super exciting and terrifying!

If you are interested in watching me cope/not cope with this countdown to baby, check out the vlogs I’ve posted documenting my days.

An Easter Vlog

An Easter Vlog

The last couple of years I have become an YouTube convert. I watch more YouTube now than regular ol’ TV. I think the change happened when Nate gave me an iPad for Christmas. After training for a couple half marathons, you can run out of shows to watch on Netflix so YouTube began to fill more and more of my treadmill running time. And now a few years later, it’s one of my favorite escapes.

I know most people must think of YouTube as cat videos or parodies, but it’s just a wealth of other info.

Here’s a few of my current favorite channels that talk about food, fitness, life and beauty.

Recently, I’ve really warmed up to the idea of video blogging or vlogging. There a lot of great vloggers on YouTube who record their daily lives or certain parts of their lives. It’s fascinating and highly addicting.

I decided to try vlogging on Easter. As a naturally shy person, it’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but its also exciting to push the envelope a little.

Here’s what I came up with.

Boy is vlogging all day hard work. Half the day I forgot to record and the other I look a little like a fool. But that’s all okay, because I still have a bunch to learn.

Besides vlogging, I plan on doing some other videos about DIY projects, recipes and daily life. So if you’ve been bitten by the YouTube bug like me, please subscribe to my channel.