Welcome Ruby Jac!

Welcome Baby Ruby

Our little bundle of love, Ruby Jacqueline was born on June 18th at 12:08pm.


I am going to record a whole video on my labor and delivery story so I won’t go into much detail now. I will say that I surprised myself in the best possible way and am so thankful to have delivered a healthy baby girl.


The last month Nate and I have begun to figure out our new role as parents. We have tried to live in the moment each day with her and enjoy this fleeting newborn period. I plan to write more about our experiences very soon.

Countdown to Baby Vlogs: Part 2

Very pregnant

Here’s the second installment of my countdown to baby vlogs. (If you missed the first check them out here.) As the days go on you will notice how tired and emotionally drained I got – crazy to look back at them now.

Pregnancy Update: Week 39 & 40


Finally posting my last pregnancy update. By the time I recorded the video below, I was so done being pregnant and really to get this show on the road! Check out the full recap and highlights below.


Week 39

  • Week 39 was my last week at work.
  • Weekly Dr Appt – baby is estimated to be over 8 lb. I am 50% effaced, but not dilated nor fully dropped.
  • It’s become hard to move around and be as active.
  • Spent time with friends over the weekend while I could.

Week 40

  • Finally on maternity leave and not a moment too soon as all I wanted to do was nap.
  • Weekly Dr. Appt -baby is now estimated to be over 9 lbs. I’m 70% effaced and the baby dropped completely.
  • Non-stress test: ultrasound showed baby moving around quite a bit and sucking on hand. I have a large amount of amnio fluid, but still in the normal range.
  • It was hard for the nurse to take the baby’s resting heart rate since he/she was moving so much.
  • I became incredibly swollen in my knuckles and feet this week.

Countdown to Baby Vlogs: Part 1


I am officially on maternity leave waiting for this little baby to come which is super exciting and terrifying!

If you are interested in watching me cope/not cope with this countdown to baby, check out the vlogs I’ve posted documenting my days.

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 37 & 38

Pregnancy Week 37-38

Last week we unexpectedly got our house painted (more on that tomorrow) and it threw my whole schedule off a little. I am still feeling pretty good and baby is putting on weight like no one’s business.


  • Baby grew 1 1/2 lbs in two weeks.
  • I love swimming anytime, but during pregnancy it is incredibly awesome!
  • We got the house painted before the baby comes.
  • I made it to Alice and Scott’s wedding.
  • I finished my friend Robin’s website.
  • I finally got the hospital bag packed.
  • I decided on how to document baby’s growth over the first year.