Week in the Life: Monday

I am participating in the Week in the Life project that captures everyday life for me through photos and stories. In the past, I have focused on sharing these sort of projects exclusively on my Instagram feed. This time around, I wanted to capture more words and reacquaint myself with the art of blogging so documenting each day here made a lot of sense.

Mondays are often a scramble regardless of how much I prep for the work week. I just think its natural to drag your heels a little when your morning hours are jam-packed and messy. My parents drive over and watch Ruby most Mondays.


This morning she asked over and over when Bapa and Mana would arrive. We made eggs with avocado, sausage and had left over Hot Crossed Buns that I made for Easter (no bread for me). She ate little. One of her routines with Grandpa is to have a second breakfast of toast. This morning, she just wanted second breakfast so I didn’t press her to eat much.


This morning I started my second round of Whole 30. I hate relying on coffee to make it through my day. My hope is this reset will recalibrate my habits with more vegetables, fruits, nuts and good fats. The prospect of giving up chocolate, bread and beer for thirty days is always daunting, but well worth the effort.


Today was a typical work day full of computer time and an early afternoon meeting. With the office closed last Thursday and Friday, I had more emails to go through from the website. Having recently upgraded my computer, I still need to load all my canned messages (adding this task to my to-do list).


My mom usually posts a “Ruby Monday” photo on Facebook. Today’s was titled Phases of Luna by Ruby. Currently fascinated with the moon (luna), Ruby is working on drawing a crescent shape. (We also read a bunch of books featuring a moon and try to get a glimpse of her before bedtime.)


Driving home is a nice transitional time for me. I like to listen to an uplifting playlist or one of my favorite podcasts to decompress before I reach my driveway.


It was raining off and on all day. The blossom’s on our dogwood have officially begun to fall. I wanted to capture the last round of spring bulbs under the tree before the next storm rolled in.

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After a welcome home hug from both Ruby and Nate, Ruby shows me how she jumps. Hilariously, awesome toddlerdom.


UPS drops off our latest box of diapers. As I cook dinner, Ruby builds a train out of them.


There is lots of toddler chatter and posturing to get those diaper packs just right.


Dinner is artichoke raviolis with pesto, roasted sweet potatoes and a green salad. I just eat the salad and sweet potatoes.


After dinner, we have a little time to play tonight before bath time.


I do my core strengthening exercises while Ruby plays with her Easter eggs. She often ends up sitting on me while I focus on the exercises. Tonight I get off easy.


Nate is in charge of her bath while I change out the crib sheets and tidy up Ruby’s room. She’s a stickler to our bedtime routine. Dry > lotion > diaper > PJs > hair > teeth > cat sack (her sleeping blanket) > stories then bedtime.


We read a Peter Rabbit story and Mr. Moon at least three or four times before she goes to sleep.


I follow suit pretty soon after Ruby’s down. I end up reading later than I should, but it’s so nice to unwind with a book.

Pixel runs to our bedroom as soon as I enter it. She loves to lay on my legs as I read, but if I move a millimeter she’s outta there.

I am currently reading a YA Fantasy series by Cinda Williams Chima. I’m on the third book, The Gray Wolf Throne. These books are a nice, easy read that gives my brain a break. I will probably finish the series by the end of the week.

Mother’s Day 2016 Vlog

I made a goal this year to post a video a week (some new and some old) on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. I have a lot of footage from last year I need to go through and do something with. This video project seemed the perfect way to put all those memories into bite-sized stories.

Here’s the first a flashback to last May over Mother’s Day weekend.

Feline Friday: Chopsticks

Feline Friday: Chopsticks

I added some wooden chopsticks around our catnip plant to deter the cats from killing it. It’s been successful – although Loki has discovered that the chopsticks make a great head-scratcher as well.

Summer practice

Ruby in the evening light

Last week was odd. We celebrated Ruby and Nate’s birthdays on the 18th. There was a lot of anticipation before the parties which happened to coincide with the end of Nate’s school year. Although we were excited to celebrate with loved ones, the prep for the joint birthday party was overwhelming due to the timing. Nate was focused on his end-of-term grading while I managed Ruby and did what I could around the house. I was incredibly scattered and stressed out. In the end, everything worked out and we had a blast, but it was very exhausting.

Since then I’ve been just trying to catch up with life. I’ve switched gears to full-time working mom since Nate can be at home with Ruby. It’s weird.

I thought I would find peace in the fact that we made it to this milestone, but instead I came home depressed most of last week. It does nothing for me nor my family to see me so sad. These are the moments I want to cherish. Long days with my one year old. Summer nights with my husband. Laziness with my cats.

This is partly due to exhaustion, but I think I have had high expectations for what want to accomplish this summer. I don’t know where to start on all these grand plans I have dreamt about.

One of my favorite podcasters, Jess Lively, often quotes the yoga guru Shri K. Pattabhi Jois who famously said “practice and all is coming.” For me this idea of practice means doing those daily things that give me the best chance of success.

I’ve decided to incorporate this mantra into my summer narrative. Just do your thing everyday and see what grows. Don’t stick to a set plan. Don’t hurry the process. Just be receptive for opportunities that may present themselves.

Thinking through this I can honestly say I feel and do better when I have or practice the following daily.

1) Sleep
2) Exercise
3) Hydrate
4) Positive Attitude
5) Meditate

I am not giving myself any sort of routine to accomplish these daily list. It’s too easy for me to get stuck perfecting the routine instead of focusing on the outcome.

Since I made this decision, I have felt more at peace. In fact that very night I woke up with a voice from my dream saying “stay the course and all will be good.” It was very comforting to feel the force of those words in my mind.

I’ve began to notice more and find the goodness in my every day as I have let go of the worry.

  • I found a small feather on my path to the office
  • For the first time ever, I decided to drive past my favorite lunch place and found a park with a pond a block away.
  • I saw a hawk sitting on the brick wall on the side of the freeway.
  • The power went out on our street one evening. Instead of worrying about it, Nate and I spent time with our neighbors on our driveway looking at the stars.

This summer is going to be about living not a task list. My grand plans now are to work on my daily practices, enjoy the moments and just have some-honest-to-goodness fun.

Feline Friday: Nate and Cat

Nate & Pixel in the background

So today I decided to do a little character study of Nate with each of our kitties. I really like this photo of Pixel unfocused in the background with Nate watching television. I can’t tell if she’s watching him or I distracted her with the camera.

Loki asleep above Nate's head

Loki has been Nate’s sleeping buddy this year. I really like this photo of waking up to find the cat behind Nate’s head on a pillow. Often, I have a sense the cats are on the bed with us, but until I fully wake up I don’t know what configuration we are all in.