Pregnancy Update: Weeks 19-20


Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to start. If you watched any of the videos I recorded, you know I had a difficult time with the first trimester but around Week 18 my nausea went away and daily life has become a lot easier. I feel good and now officially look pregnant.

Highlights of Weeks 19-20

  • Half way through the pregnancy
  • The bump has officially popped
  • Feeling good – no more nausea and just a little heartburn
  • Getting tons of sleep
  • Feeling the baby moving or fluttering around
  • Had our first doctor’s appointment with our new obstetrician
  • Switching out typical body care products for more natural ones
  • Started using a body oil on my belly for extra moisture (it gets itchy with all this growing)

Feline Friday: Sentry duty

Sentry Duty

I talked about Pixel’s managerial role last week so I felt I should give you some insight to Loki’s “job” around the house.

He spends many evenings sitting in perfect formation on our dining table watching for trouble in the backyard. We call him the sentry for his perfect form and his serious expression while on duty.

Salvaged Dining Room Chairs


Meet the four dining room chairs I salvaged from my uncle’s backyard. He had inherited them from his in-laws who used them for years in their kitchen.


I saw them sitting in the backyard and was immediately smitten. Look at those lines! My mom saw my reaction and knew I had been looking for the right chair for my dining room so she quickly convinced my uncle to let me have them.

Side note: when my uncle’s father-in-law heard how much I liked the chairs, he offered to give me the matching table as well. We still don’t know what where we are going to put the table, but currently it’s holding all the assignments, term papers and finals Nate’s been grading.


After getting these lovely chairs home, I had the intention of refinishing them over the summer. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but cleaning these guys up is definitely on my radar this year.


I am considering recovering the leather seats with a fun pattern. Something with a bit of gray, green and/or purple. Here are a few patterns I like. I want a sturdy fabric that can be treated so it cleans easily. In a year’s time, we will have a little one smashing avocado into anything he/she can reach!

A small addition to the family


Well, the cat(s) are out of the bag! I’m pregnant and we are so excited!

Three tests to confirm

Nate and I found out back in October during the roof remodel. Since then it has been a little crazy around here.

Somehow we made it through the remodel, nausea and all the new challenges pregnancy can bring. I am currently at the end of my 19th week and feeling really good.


My plan moving forward is to continue to write about the usual house and home projects, but add a pregnancy update every other Saturday. The format of these will be a short post and video vlog. The first three videos (one today and two next week) are recaps to get myself current. Then next Saturday I’ll start posting in real time about how I am feeling.

If you like to hear my week-by-week recap of the first trimester, weeks 13-16 and weeks 17-18 please check out the videos below.