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Welcome to the blog! Make yourselves at home and stay for awhile.

We are Nate and Andrea – married and living in Northern California. This is an extremely arty photo of us that is probably going to drive Nate a little nuts that I posted. That’s too bad because I love it. And let’s be honest, this blog is really my version of our story.

Loki interrupts sanding on dining table
I’m Andrea. I work as a designer and webmaster by day. I love creating new and beautiful things. In 2009, I took on my biggest project-to-date, a 1952 cinder-block house in need of repair. Growing up with weekend warrior parents, I had always dreamed of buying a house that I could put my own spin on. When the dream finally became reality, I wanted to make sure and record the process step by step with this blog.

Over the years, I have shifted focus a little to incorporate not only projects about the house, but living in it as well. I feel this is a better representation on who I am and how I want to remember this chapter of my life years from now.

Along for the adventure is my husband Nate. Nate was new to the do-it-yourself world when we moved in, but luckily grew to love it as much as I do.

He keeps me in check, cleans up my chaos in the kitchen and loves our little girl and our cats like none other. I think he’s pretty rad.

Ruby and I
In June of 2015, Ruby was born and everything changed (I know so cliché!). I took a big break from writing as I slowly found my way as a new mom. I am working through all the photos and video I took during that time and hope to post some summaries and vlogs with the footage.

Ruby’s a little spitfire. She loves her kangaroo rat stuffed animal, pretending to wipe your nose, shredded cheese and her fur brother and sister.

Feline Friday: Napping
And speaking of cats. This is Loki and Pixel. We adopted them the same summer we bought our home. We love these two furballs a lot. Every Friday, I feature a photo I’ve taken of them on the blog. You can view the archive of shots on our Life & Cats page.

Bath Crashers
We were fortunate enough to receive a bath makeover by Bath Crashers in 2010. It was a once in a lifetime experience. (Read all about it and the finished project.) The episode is not available online, but our episode is titled Urban Bamboo Bath (DBCR-213H).

In June 2013 after dating eleven years, we got married in my parents’ backyard. You can read about all the projects we took on (many with the help of our loved ones) leading to the big day here.

Nate and I at our Baby Shower

I documented my pregnancy through regular video blogs (or vlogs) the focused on my symptoms, events and overall feelings. You can watch the whole playlist here or check out the corresponding posts here.

When we are not working on the house, you can often find us watching football, throwing a BBQ in our backyard or at a music festival.

I hope you like our little adventures. Feel free to send us a email or post a comment and tell us what you think!

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