Back to reality.

Ruby and I

Next week my maternity leave ends and I thought it was about time to get this blog up-to-date on all our happenings this summer.

This time off has been so amazing, exhausting and unreal. I am quite emotional about it ending and thought it would be therapeutic to download our experiences, feelings and outlook on the blog now that I am transitioning from stay-at-home mom back to the work/life balance.

House Updates

Ruby’s Nursery

We haven’t “finished” Ruby’s room although I really hope to start soon. Everything got stalled after we were shipped a moldy rug from an online retailer. I plan on writing up a review of our experience so stay tuned for more on that. I also have a few decorating projects I hope to work on the next few months.


Papers are to be signed today on our first house refinance. This refi has driven most of the home projects we tackled this year and Nate and I are so excited to get it done.

Family Updates

Baby Stuff

Let’s be honest – this summer has really been all about our Ruby.

I’d like to continue to document my experiences as a new mom and of Ruby’s first year. I have tried to record my labor & delivery story twice now and hopefully will get it right on the third go-around. I’m also doing a weekly/monthly photo series of Ruby.

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