This rug makes me very happy

New rug for the Great room

We’ve been rug free in the TV area of our Great Room since debris, water and god-knows-what-else fell through the hole in our roof during the remodel. We had plans to replace it (and the other rugs we lost) over the winter months, but finding a rug for this location became difficult. I missed having a rug under my toes while watching TV. I found myself spending more time in the other sitting areas because the Great Room just felt cold without one.


Over Christmas, my parents got a new rug and I fell instantly in love with it. It was thick, beautiful and so comfortable. I decided then and there I wanted a rug like that for our TV area. So I looked for a similar rug and soon came to the conclusion that I needed their rug. It was perfect and happened to be very reasonably priced to boot.


I placed an order online since we couldn’t find it locally. When it arrived a week later, I had Nate lay it out immediately. The cats and I took turns rolling on it. It was almost better than I remembered.


We’ve now had the rug for almost a month and I am still in love. I’ve gradually started spending more time in the room now that my toes are cushioned by its thickness. The room just feels complete now. The cats like it as well and (fingers crossed) have not tried to scratch it yet. My hope it is too thick for them to even consider. Plus, it’s going to be well-loved by our little one in the months ahead from tummy time to crawling and beyond.

Over the weekend, my friend Dagny asked my permission to get the same rug for her front room (she didn’t need to ask – of course!) She had also fell in love with it.

This seemed like a sign I should do a little post on the rug. Perhaps others are on the lookout for a neutral, comfortable rug that’s reasonably priced. So if this is you – look no further!

You can find the perfect rug at Home Depot and I believe it comes in gray and brown. It’s the Amador Gray 7’8″ x 10’1″ Indoor Area Rug and it’s $299 with free shipping. Trust me – you will not be disappointed.

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