Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Pregnancy 35 Weeks

Boy is this belly growing! This week I had the most itchy belly – it was insane. Luckily I have all these amazing creams to less the pain.

Highlights of Week 35

  • I think the baby has dropped which is super exciting. Of course, I had a freak out moment, but my hormones are running high these days.
  • I was able to attend a dear friend’s bridal shower over the weekend. She’s getting married in late May and since it’s about a week before my due date, I can’t be positive I will make it. I was so glad to go to the bridal shower and it was so great to spend the day with her, her sisters and our high school group of friends.
  • Nate and I put together a “hopefully before baby” to-do list. Having everything listed has relieved a lot of anxiety and now I can stay focused.
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