Pregnancy Update: Week 34

Pregnancy Week 34

This week, Nate and I feel pretty ready for this kid. We have a few high priority tasks to complete, but overall we have all the necessities (car seats, onesies, diapers, etc.). Now it’s just a matter of finishing the small tasks, my to-do list at work and practicing our breathing techniques!

Highlights of Week 34

  • I am sleeping really well, but it’s difficult to get up and moving in the morning.
  • I am still doing my Tracy Anderson DVD, but have cut back on long walks. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to swim!
  • We had our second baby shower hosted by four of my dearest friends. It was a co-ed event at our house and so much fun. Highlight was the baby gift bingo and having Nate open all the gifts. I laughed so hard at his descriptions. It was adorable.
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