Nursery Furniture and Art Work Blueprint


I’m going for the desaturated filtered photos in this post because I though it would be fun to wait on the color versions until the final nursery reveal. SO these photos will give you the basic understanding and framework of the room and then I will amazing you with the full color reveal just like when an old black and white photo is colorized. PAPOW!

As I mentioned in the first nursery post, we had to make some decisions on what furniture from my office was staying and what to add.

Nursery Expedit Bookcases

My two Expedit bookcases are staying in here for storage. We stacked one on top of the other which gives us a nice big storage area. At some point we will secure the bookcases together and to the wall.


My sister gifted us the nieces’ old crib to use and Nate found a changing table on Craig’s List he really liked. All the furniture is white except the changing table. We will probably wait and paint it after the baby is here since we have more pressing projects to tackle first.


I know it seems out of place, but we are keeping my treadmill in the room. It’s really the only space it can go and I am not willing to get rid of it yet. Eventually it will find another home, but for the time being it will stay in the corner and hopefully not be too much of an eyesore.


We’ve also put our old wingback chair in the room for the time being. We may upgrade to a glider, but I’d like to test this guy out for breastfeeding and if it works out okay we will invest in reupholstering it. Nate and I are trying to re-use as many items as we can for the space instead of buying an entirely new set of furniture. It’s more practical, but also it keeps with out eclectic aesthetic.


I also went through all of the artwork we have in our collection and chose three prints to go over the crib. We received all three Berkley Illustration prints as gifts and I think they represent each of us which is kinda cool for the baby’s room. The tyrannosaurus rex is obviously Nate, I am the string-eating goat and then the cats are … the cats. It will be fun to pick out one for the wee one – maybe the narwhal?

I am currently working on another cluster of artwork to hang above the treadmill, but it takes a little time to put something together that doesn’t look to forced.

Okay, so here’s where we are on the to-dos:

Nursery To-Do List

  • Clean out the room
  • Paint walls, closet doors and trim
  • Put up gray curtains
  • Put together crib
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Organize baby stuff
  • Buy rug
  • Decide on artwork to hang
  • Make or purchase a few more art pieces
  • Put up artwork
  • Add teal accents
  • Make mobile
  • Paint changing table
  • Secure Expedit bookcases to wall/together?

We'd love to hear what you think!