Pregnancy Update: Weeks 28-29

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 28-29

The good times continue! I have continued to feel really good the first two weeks of my third trimester. I’ve been able to keep exercising, a normal diet and even a little work around the house. Nate and I have been working on finishing the bedroom closet project so I can finally get my clothes out of the baby’s room. In the meantime, Nate’s refreshed the paint in the nursery while I finished up our baby registry.

Watch my vlog below for all the details.

Highlights of Weeks 28-29

  • Found out I have a case of pregnancy gingivitis at my regularly scheduled dental cleaning.
  • Started flossing daily again.
  • Learning to deal with my belly as an obstacle.
  • Still enjoying exercising daily. My current goal is a morning walk three times a week and weights two times a week. Sometimes I use kettlebells on my weights days.
  • I also got out my exercise ball so I can begin using it at night while watching TV.
  • Finished our baby registry after researching the MILLIONS of options out there.
  • Decided on a neutral yellow, grey and teal baby room color scheme (expect more on this soon!)
  • Still getting annoying nosebleeds almost daily.
  • Found a maternity dress that I can hopefully wear to a wedding right before baby and a month post
  • Collecting some reference books on labor & delivery, breastfeeding and sleep habits (see video above with more info).

Thinking about

  • All the information I am reading and trying not to get overwhelmed.
  • This baby name database.
  • Getting some new slide-on sandals for these last few months that would be appropriate for work and play.
  • Maternity leave & our child care options.
  • Putting a list of “freezer” meals together for those first few weeks.
  • Planting our summer vegetable garden that we will be able to enjoy with the wee one.
  • Having a nice cold beer after the little one comes. And BBQ oysters from Fishetarian in Bodega Bay.
  • We'd love to hear what you think!