Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32-33

Pregnancy: Weeks 32-33

Well, I finally feel like I am super pregnant. The belly has grown so much! Nate and I took our labor & delivery class and now have a little more knowledge on what to expect when labor comes and coping mechanisms.

Highlights of Weeks 32 & 33

  • Feeling really big and super pregnant now.
  • I need to be drinking more water, but I hate going to the restroom all the time.
  • I am still obsessed with fruit popsicles.
  • Nate and I went to our one-day labor and delivery class and it was so worthwhile. Recommend any first time parents taking one!
  • For the nursery, we got our crib and changing table in and generally organized the nursery.
  • We met with a good friend of ours who runs a daycare. She will be watching the baby three days a week starting in September. We are still considering options for the other two work days.
  • We'd love to hear what you think!