Prepping the nursery

I have to say I’ve been a little scared to start the office to nursery transition. For one, it’s the end of era of having my very own space. I know that sounds selfish, but I have a lot of emotional ties to this office /workout room/ storage area. I knew I needed to deal with them before I could make a little den for our wee one.

Combining Offices

So I cried like a spoiled brat as Nate carried load after load of stationery supplies, kettlebells and many, many odds and ends out of the room; said my goodbyes to my little office and finally got excited about all the design possibilities for the space.


We decided to go with the same light, buttery yellow and bright white for the closet doors and trim. I am not going to theme the room, but I have been inspired by our first baby gift over the holidays – this narwhal pillow. It’s whimsical and the colors are just right. We really just want a relaxing, mellow space. My thinking is a color palette of yellow, grey and white with teal accents. Its gender neutral, but still has a bit of a pop. We also will incorporate more animal prints, toys, etc. to make it fun but not overwhelming.

Water damage in front office

During the roof remodel, this room got drenched in water. You can see the remnants of the damage in these photos. Even after cleaning, the walls showed to stains of whatever foul stuff leaked through the ceiling. So the first step to transforming the space was repainting the room.

Clearing out the office

After clearing out the room of my stuff, Nate consolidated all the furniture that was staying in the middle of the room and washed down the walls to prep for paint.


He didn’t need to prime since we were using the same color, but he ended up painting on two coats to cover the water damage.


Next he painted the closet doors and trim with our favorite bright white – Behr’s Frost. The white helps brighten the room considerably. This room doesn’t get much direct light which keeps it nice and cool but we wanted to lighten it up as much as possible with the white paint and furniture.


We also decided to use the grey curtains I had in the office previously. We like how they block light but are not blackout curtains. I am someone who must sleep in total darkness and silence. I do sleep very well, but sometimes having these sleeping necessities inhibits me from taking a nap or getting restful sleep traveling. I am hoping we can let our child learn to sleep with light and noise so he or she doesn’t have these same problems.

Painting the nursery

We are still deciding on what furniture we are adding (or subtracting) from the room and how to arrange it so it all fits! We are not stressed to get this room completed before baby. We know the first few months the wee one will be spending in our room which gives us more time to dabble in here. Our biggest nursery priority now is just getting it organized to store all the baby stuff we will be getting and have a diaper changing area.

I’ve compiled a to-do list that will probably change as time goes on, but here it is now. I’ll report back every few weeks on our progress.

Nursery To-Do List

  • Clean out the room
  • Paint walls, closet doors and trim
  • Put up gray curtains
  • Put together crib
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Organize baby stuff
  • Buy rug
  • Decide on artwork to hang
  • Make or purchase a few more art pieces
  • Put up artwork
  • Add teal accents
  • Make mobile
  • Paint changing table
  • Secure Expedit bookcases to wall/together?

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