Fascia decisions

Project Roof: Roof completed

Before refinancing the house, we have a list of projects we want completed. Obviously, the prison bath and bedroom closet projects need to be completed, but we have also have scheduled our house to be painted. You may recall that we ran out of time to paint the fascia after the roof was put in. It was too wet and honestly Nate and I were too tired to even consider taking it on ourselves.

At first, we were just going to contract our fascia and soffits to be painted, but the quote for having the whole house done was not that much more money, so we decided to get to just get the whole house done.

Front of the House

We are sticking with our same celery green, white and grey color combination. Last time around, we painted the fascia grey, but we are now contemplating painting them white to make them pop against the green walls.

Here’s a Photoshop representation of the two choices.

Fascia painted white

I really like the white, but am worried it is going to become stained over time.

Fascia painted grey

The grey isn’t bad, but it certainly doesn’t pop like the white.

So which one should I go with? The conservative grey option or just throw caution to the wind and select the white?

Painting isn’t going to happen for at least a couple of weeks so I have some time to make a final decision.

I also need to prune our fruit trees and flower beds before it starts which means harvesting all my kumquat and lemons. Expect some Instagram photos of the process, especially the fruit juicing stage which is a time suck but totally worth it. I am hoping to get it done this week to be done with it.

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