Building a Bedroom Closet: Part 2

Building a Closet: Part 2

With the closet framed, we were ready to bust through the bedroom wall and start working on the inside.

Of course nothing is simple on a build connected to an existing structure. You never know what you will find in the wall.

Building a Closet: Part 2

In our case, we had to deal with an electrical line running through the wall. We decided that we would have to move the wiring above the closet frame.

Finishing the back wall of the closet

But first, we finished the back wall of the closet since we could access it from the bedroom. We recycled the insulation from the just-removed wall and stapled it into the framing. Then covered the wall with a sheet of particle board that I would prime and paint later.

Dealing with the electrical line through the closet

Next, we moved inside to deal with the electrical line running right through the wall.


After turning off the power, the line was cut so we could extend it up and around the closet.


Our plan was to add an electrical box on either side (see the holes in the drywall) to hold the wires we were splitting.


It took a little work to get the wires up and over the closet doors. We drilled holes through the 2x4s above the door and then had to maneuver the wires down the walls through many different hidden obstacles.


We ended up cutting a series of holes in the wall to pull the electrical wire down. Then the wires were attached in each box.


Once we are done with the all the structural elements we will install blank face plates to cover the boxes. Next we deal with framing the opening, adding support and getting the closet track installed.

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