State of the (Concrete) House 2015

State of the House 2015

Today I am going through my 2015 State of the House. It’s my version of State of the Union (or a Governor’s State of the State, Mayor’s State of the City…). It’s a way for me to give a quick snapshot of where we are in our home projects and the actual state of our house right now.

Top Home Projects of 2014

2014 was really about getting a new roof over our heads and updating our infrastructure. Even though we contracted the jobs out, we did a lot of little projects to help along the way. I also undertook a few smaller projects I am pretty proud including putting in a mulch side yard all by myself.

  1. Our new roof, updated electrical and plumbing
  2. Installing a ceiling in great room
  3. Mulching the back side yard
  4. Installing a drip system in the front beds
  5. Replacing all our screens in windows and skylights

What We are Looking at for 2015

Our main goal in 2015 to get our house in order so we can refinance and then prepare for our first child in June. Many of the projects we are undertaking will be focused on the first part of the year before baby comes. We have no idea what time we will have for home project after we are new parents, so we’ll take the second part of the year slowly to feel that out.

  1. Finish prison bath
  2. Add closet to master bedroom
  3. Paint fascia and trim on roof
  4. Converting my office into the nursery
  5. Refinish dining chairs

So you could say we have a few things on our plate! I’m excited though. We have a great plan for the bathroom which I will go over in the coming weeks. Plus, I’m going to tackle the closet install with my Dad (who I love doing projects with). And of course, I have a few more goals that are on my “if I have time” list like finish the drip system install in the backyard. Hopefully I’ll feel good enough to accomplish them, but we will see. I imagine crawling around installing drip lines 7 or 8 months pregnant may not be the easiest or wisest move.

Video Walk-through

I love the video format for this post because it gives a real definitive record of how our house looks at this moment. In fact I took this video today to be as authentic as possible. Nothing else captures those little details like a video walk-through.

For a comparison, you can watch the last State of the House I did in 2012.

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