Drywall, Mud, Paint and Moulding

Project Roof: Drywall, Mud and Moulding

With the roof finished, our focus moved to the inside of the house. We still had most of the furniture in the front room and I for one, was ready to put back our house. But before we could do that, we had to finish the ceiling in the great room.

We decided it would be cost-effective to hire out the drywall installation and mudding. With us both working, we just didn’t want to spend weeks installing it when we could hire a team to take care of it in a matter of days. Plus, we wanted the expansive ceiling to look nice so hiring a professional saved us the headache of trying to accomplish that ourselves.

But before the drywall crew arrived, Nate pulled out any old drywall, insulation or moulding lurking in the crevices and above the laundry closet and cabinets.

Project Roof: drywall, Mud and Moulding

He also installed new R-18 insulation throughout the space. Each piece was cut to fit between the joists.

Project Roof: drywall, Mud and Moulding

The old air conditioning unit in the back wall has never been used so we took this opportunity to get rid of it and have the guys patch the wall for us.


The crew installed the drywall and taped on the first day. We had them do the whole great room, patch the back bathroom and wall, the hallway and prison bath.


We used 5/8″ Type X (fire resistant) drywall throughout the space. The thicker sheets lay flatter which makes them idea for ceilings. It also provides greater sound insulation.


Here’s a look at the prison bath ceiling. You may recall both the prison bath ceiling and hallway were stepped through during the deck removal.


On day two, they mudded over the drywall with a light texture. We wanted just enough texture to hide imperfections, but nothing too crazy. Then we let the mud dry over the weekend and the crew finished up by sanding any rough spots Monday morning.


Over Thanksgiving Break, my mom and I took the opportunity to prime and paint with ceiling. I was glad to have her help since she got a lot of experience with a paint roller.


The final piece of the project was getting new moulding installed. Nate took this on and did a bit in the evenings after work and over our Winter Break. I have to apologize (especially to him) that I didn’t take photos through the project, but I will do my best to describe it to you. After measuring all the walls, we purchased pretty basic 3″ moulding from Home Depot.


Nate cut them to size and nailed them into place. Instead of mitering each piece. He only cut the interior pieces that sandwiches on top of the longer lengths that remained flat. Once all the pieces were secure, he caulked the edges and nail heads then painted the strips to match the ceiling.


The hardest wall was the piece above our double french door. Instead of moulding, Nate cut a custom piece of MDF to fit above the doors to mimic the design inlaid in the doors themselves. I am most proud of the work Nate did on this piece. It was difficult to install, but with it painted it really makes the doors look great. (Nate also installed moulding in the hallway and bathroom, but I will wait to show you those photos when I next update you on the bathroom.)


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    Wow–a ton of work but it’s looking great! I LOVE getting to the drywall point in a project…it makes things feel SO much more finished.

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