A small addition to the family


Well, the cat(s) are out of the bag! I’m pregnant and we are so excited!

Three tests to confirm

Nate and I found out back in October during the roof remodel. Since then it has been a little crazy around here.

Somehow we made it through the remodel, nausea and all the new challenges pregnancy can bring. I am currently at the end of my 19th week and feeling really good.


My plan moving forward is to continue to write about the usual house and home projects, but add a pregnancy update every other Saturday. The format of these will be a short post and video vlog. The first three videos (one today and two next week) are recaps to get myself current. Then next Saturday I’ll start posting in real time about how I am feeling.

If you like to hear my week-by-week recap of the first trimester, weeks 13-16 and weeks 17-18 please check out the videos below.

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