Project Roof: Week Four

Project Roof: Week Four

I am back to recap the final weeks of the roof renovation. Week Four turned our Roof Project into a full madness – and honestly it’s a little painful to look back at this time.

First let’s take a look at the project list and what we’ve crossed off this week.

1) Preparation – two three weeks

  • Remove pergola on back patio
  • Removing the 3′ addition on the front of carport
  • Add additional support in carport
  • Repair porch overhangs
  • Prune bushes and trees away from the roof
  • Remove remaining ceiling in our Great Room
  • Replace all our fascia
  • Fix our skylights
  • Prep plumbing
  • Put up plastic sheeting in the house to prevent debris from filtering down
  • Get the cats anxiety drugs

2) Tear off the existing roof – two days

3) Interior work – one two week

  • Update our electrical lines to code
  • Replace decking & some soffits
  • Insulate the rafters
  • Rework our water and gas pipes so they run more efficiently
  • Installing a tank-less water heater
  • Prep the ceiling for our kitchen remodel by installing new range exhaust system and new electrical plugs
  • Install new exterior plugs for holiday lights, etc.

4) Roof install and Finishing – 3 to 4 days one week

  • Install fireproof base layer
  • Install insulation layer
  • Install thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membrane
  • Install any vents that are needed
  • Install shingled roof on our addition
  • Install drainpipes
  • Finishing the plumbing on top of the roof
  • Install can lighting in the great room
  • Install sheetrock in great room, plaster and paint it

Like we showed you in Week Three, over the weekend we removed all the damaged decking ourselves. Here’s a little detail on what we found under the decking.

Nail through electrical line

Electrical wire notched with nails (really safe!)

Insulation, gravel and dirt everywhere

Installation in most of the house (a big surprise) and of course a lot of gravel and dirt.

Insulation mess on the front yard

Now Week 4 was all about getting the work in the roof done. The week started with Jim and a couple of guys cleaning out bays and removing all the remaining insulation. Of course they didn’t really care about how they disposed of the stuff, so by the time I got home our front yard was littered with insulation and gravel. Nate wisely decided to order a dumpster to contain the mess.

Moving pipes inside the roof

I got home early on Monday so Nate and I could finalized plans with electrician and plumber. We wanted them to be able to take a look inside the roof so we knew exactly what needed to be done. We made a few last-minute decisions including moving the plumbing into the roof instead of above. We had been going back and forth on this for week, but in the end we decided the added bonus of having the pipes insulated inside the roof outweighed our nervousness of potential leaks hidden in the roof.


Tuesday, the crew continues cleaning out the bays and worked on strengthening some of the joists especially in the great room. They also began installing the new plywood deck where we didn’t have any electrical or plumbing running.

Wet, tarped roof

Wednesday morning we were expecting rain so the whole roof was tarped tightly. Nate also cleaned up all the insulation on the front lawn after dinner so it didn’t turn into a giant mess with the rain. We thought we were pretty prepared for the storm until we heard water coming through our paneled ceiling at 4am.

Rain at 4am

I remember sitting up in bed after hearing the first drips and bolting into the front room. We had tarped all our furniture for the debris of the roof removal, but not for water coming through the ceiling. We first heard drips in the front room but soon found it coming in all our rooms except our bedroom. I spent the time moving paintings and other keepsakes into our bedroom where it was dry and putting pots and containers our under all the drips. Around 7am the rain stopped. Our carpenter arrived soon after to help us clean. Even though the roof was covered pretty well, the water pooled into the bays instead of running off the sides and eventually the plastic leaked.

Tracking the storm

The electricians were scheduled to begin work so the tarps were removed for them to get started. The weather report showed marginal rain for the remainder of the day so we thought we could get away with removing them. Unfortunately, by the time the tarps were removed the inside of our house was wrecked.

Rain soaked house

I took the day off of work to stay home and clean up. The electricians got to work and had to turn off most our power. We didn’t realize this also meant we wouldn’t get any hot water in our shower since it was a hooked up to an electrical water heater we were removing. By the end of the day, we had a wet house with no hot water and limited electricity. All of this was completely overwhelming, but we knew progress still had been made.

Running new electrical and plumbing

The rest of the week, the electrician and plumber continued their work. The electricians ran new lines in and began replaced all our outlets and lights. They also installed new lines in for the eventual kitchen remodel and garage.

New plastic plumbing

The plumber ran our new plastic piping in our roof. The gas pipe remained on top of the roof, but was consolidated to run just to our heater. He also began prepping for our new tankless water heater that would be installed in week five.

Mom picking up nails with magnets

And because we really needed someone there in case any of the vendors had questions, my parents were major dolls and housesat for us.

Nate cleaning out bays of gravel

As the vendors got their work done, we still need to finish cleaning the bays and then install the new insulation once they were done. Nate as a trooper and worked on a lot of this after work.

Removing the ceiling from the back of the great room

He also tore out the ceiling in the back of the great room so the electricians could install our new lighting in Week Five.

Installing insulation and the new decking

Saturday the crew finished installing the insulation and the decking.

Finishing the decking

Then they tarped the roof once again for rain. This time we knew we wouldn’t have any issues since the flat deck would allow the rain to run off.


  1. mary says

    Wow. I can see why you missed a few posts. What a heart-breaker about the rain, but it seems like you had a really good attitude about it.
    Fabulous progress!

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