Planning for a drought

Cleaning up the front porch

I am planning on working on a few projects to make our house more water efficient. California is bracing for a big drought this summer. Residents in Sacramento have already been asked to reduce our water usage by 20% and a public option poll has recently come out saying that most Californians are on board with these sort of measures.

Planning for a drought // Our Concrete Home (

Our priority is to keep our established plants and vegetable garden doing well this summer. We are willing to sacrifice our patchy front lawn to make this happen. Last summer, we actually stopped watering the lawn when we realized that it was mostly dead, so we will just continue doing the same this summer.

Drip Irrigation System Install

1. Extend the drip systems

Even with a dead lawn, we want to conserve as much water as we can. I am going to extend our drip system in our front flower beds. Then expand it into the back yard to water the flower beds on either side of the pool. Each section will be on its own timer so I can have a specific water plan based on what is growing where.

Planning for a drought // Our Concrete Home (

2. Finish the side patio

I have told Nate this is the summer I will finish the side patio. Now more than ever, I am really excited to have giant concrete pavers that have drainage between them. this allows any water to absorb back into the ground and prevent runoff.

We always entertain a lot in the summer so have decided to have the short range and long range plan.

Short Range Plan: We will level the patio spot and add mulch this month. This way we have our backyard looking good for parties and events in June.

Long Range Plan: Then, we transfer the mulch to other areas of the yard and put in the concrete pavers when we have more time to work on it in July and August.

I am going to sit down this weekend and come up with my game plan and budget cost for this one. I like the idea of at least having some sort of ground cover on the patio site so it’s usable immediately.

Rain Barrel

3. Add rain barrels

My final project is setting up rain barrels around the yard. We don’t typically get much rain this time of year, so my goal is to get them in before the fall months. Hopefully by that time we will also have our roof done or scheduled.

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