OCH 3.0


Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that OCH has been offline for a while. I came to the conclusion in January that it was time for a change both aesthetically and in what I share here.

What started purely as a home improvement story has slow changed incorporating crafts, recipes and stories about our daily lives. This has been a welcome change and I realized it was time to make this shift more intentional with a complete rebranding. I hope you will love this change as much as I do.

New Look

OCH New Homepage

The first thing you will notice is the new color scheme and look of the website. I wanted something that jived more with our style and had a bit more personality.

This is actually the third time I’ve redesigned, but certainly the biggest overhaul. I really spent a lot of time thinking through each page and working out all the little details.


You will also notice my navigation has changed to reflect the type of posts I plan to share. I hope to spend a little time each week writing about projects around the house, my creative pursuits, what inspires me, what I am making in the kitchen, our life … and of course cats.

Category Pages


Each category page in the nav bar has a newly formatted grid format. This design makes it super easy to scan and locate old projects.


Under the life & cats page you will find our wedding archive. Last year was completely dominated by the wedding and it took a lot out of me in the best way. There are still a few stories to tell about that process because I believe it was transformative for me in a bunch of interesting ways. I want to remember that, so I will share it here. I also want to write about our wedding budget since I feel money is often glossed over on blogs and I know how much those details helped me out.

Weekly Newsletter

I have also redesigned my email newsletter. I used to have a subscription email that went out immediately after I posted something new. I’ve decided to switch this up into a weekly digest on Friday afternoons. I will be including some original content in the newsletter as well, so if you are interested you can sign up in the sidebar.

Design Work

I will also relaunched my design business Andrea Zoe Designs. My website will launch later this month. I will be offering web design plus stationery and prints. Expect a full write-up and shiny new button in the sidebar soon.

Overall, I am very excited by this redesign. I hope it will be a better representation of our life and what is like to remember years from now.

In celebration of the relaunch, I will be posting everyday this week.  So enjoy your St. Patty’s Day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

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