I surrendered and replaced my DIY kitchen knobs

Kitchen Reno 2013

Last year I did a small kitchen renovation that consisted of reorganizing drawers and cabinets, painting a chalkboard wall and updating the original cabinet knobs. I thought I was being smart by cleaning them throughly and using liquid sander, but even with my attention to detail the frequently used knobs rubbed off the paint.

Cringe-worthy DIY painted knobs

It’s cringe worthy. I might as well drag my fingernail over my painted chalkboard than see these poor knobs day in and day out.

I really thought about repainting them a third time. I really did, but in the end – I accepted I wasn’t that strong of a DIY enthusiast. I wanted new knobs.

New knobs

I shopped around for quite sometime before I found these ceramic blue ones. And to be honest, part of the reason I settled on them was the price. Metal knobs can range from $10-15.00 for four knobs. Now I can get 30 knobs for $47.97 from this ebay retailer.

Replacing the kitchen knobs

So I bought them and waited patiently for them to arrive. The small package from China arrived the night before my birthday. I got to work immediately to switch them out.

Knob comparison

Now, please ignore the cabinets. At this point I am not interested in repainting them or their disastrous hinges. I am not afraid of the work. I am afraid if I take them out to paint them properly, I will never be able to put them back together again. And since the whole cabinetry will go bye-bye when we renovate, I am conserving my energy.

New cabinet knobs

So please ignore the paint and instead gaze at my blue ceramic knobs. I am not 100% in love with them like I thought I would be. I would say they are nice… and nice works really well for me right now.

Reknobbed cabinets

I keep thinking of doing something drastic and crazy like painting black stripes on the cabinets or covering them with more chalkboard paint. What do you think? Should I go for it? It may be fun.


  1. linda odom says

    I saw on tv where someone bought a cute pattern floor laminate squares that come in a pack. She put them on cabinet and they used utility knife to cut them.

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