Our DIY Wedding Backdrop {stripes + hearts for days}


Our backdrop was a vision I had early on in the planning process and it continued to develop up until the big day. As I mentioned in my vows, I wanted to use a lot of saturated colors at our wedding and I think our backdrop played a big part in that.

Martha Stewart Living Streamers

It started with this photo from Martha Stewart my mom found on Pinterest. We really liked the idea of using rolls of crepe paper. We also liked the idea of stringing paper hearts as it echoed the heart pattern I used on our wedding invitations.

Wedding Work Days

With our plan in mind, the next part was logistics especially how we were to install the backdrop. Since a chain-link fence separated my parents and the neighbors, we decided to do our best to hide that completely from view with a solid canvas behind the crepe paper. Then we could hang the crepe paper and hearts from the frame.

Wedding Work Days

Making the Frame

We started with a wood frame that was built on a Saturday work day.

108 and counting

The frame began with the posts that were installed to hang the lights. Then, Nate and Jeremy added top and bottom pieces so we had a full frame to staple to.

Sheets as Canvas

DIY Wedding Backdrop

My mom and I found beautiful sheets at Target in the perfect color for the fabric. We stapled them to the frame to make a giant coral canvas.

DIY Wedding Backdrop

This was installed the day before the wedding and we sprayed the whole thing down with the hose to remove all the wrinkles.

Wedding Prep

It was so hot out that it dried very quickly!

Crepe is Rolled Out: Layer One

DIY Wedding Backdrop

The morning of the wedding, I had a two things to accomplish. Finish the backdrop and leave the house by noon to get ready. Adie assisted me so I stayed on schedule and kept my stapling on target.

DIY Wedding Backdrop

We worked from the middle out to each side. We layered the crepe so the middle had the widest stripes and then got thinner as them moved towards the sides. I simply stapled the rolls to the top of the frame and let the roll hang down.

Hearts on a String: Our 2nd Layer


The final layer was the strings of hearts we made on a craft day. We followed the same pattern as the crepe paper by keeping the hearts close in the middle and then spaced them wider and wider apart as we worked towards the sides. Again we stapled these to the top of the frame and my plan was to let them hang.

DIY Wedding Backdrop

Unfortunately later in the day, the strings and paper began to swing in the delta breeze and got all tangled up.

DIY Wedding Backdrop

So right before the ceremony, friends worked to untangle and staple them to the bottom of the frame so everything was more secure.


I was thrilled with the final look. I think a part of me was a little nervous how it would look until we hung the crepe paper. But stepping back and seeing those stripes up, I was so excited. The bright tones played beautifully against the greens and blues of the backyard. The backdrop was that bold pop of color – exactly what I was going for.


As the sun dipped low, the colorful backdrop continued to put off this wonderful radiance. I love seeing it in the background of many our photos. The colors and hearts make me so happy. I was happy to be a “little late” to my own wedding prep as the backdrop was well worth the effort.

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