Fantasy Football Trophy

Football Season

This someeecard pretty much sums up my feelings about football season. It means Autumn is just around the corner. It means I get to spend my Sundays watching games all day (ok between laundry and other chores). And most importantly, it means I get to defend my fantasy football title.

The Fantasy Football trophy is finally back at our house where it belongs.

Yep, that’s right I am league champion. Thank you Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson!

Fantasy Football Draft 2012

Our league met last Monday for our 3rd annual fantasy football draft. (For some reason I didn’t take a photo of the draft, but here’s a shot from last year.) As champion, I get to showcase that big silver league trophy in the middle of the table all year at our house.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

Here’s the money shot of the trophy. I made it last year for the league and realized I never wrote up a post about it. My concept of the fantasy football trophy was for it be a little over the top and perhaps even gaudy. In the end, I think I created is a pretty special piece.

So, maybe you need to make a trophy for a tournament, party or even you own fantasy league. Well, you are in luck – here’s my step-by-step tutorial for making your own silver piece of heaven.

Make your own trophy

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

1. Collect stuff. I bought a bunch of cheap party favors (army men and plastic cats!) plus a metal candle holder and frame at a thrift store then found a few odds and ends sitting around our house. You want interesting shapes and lots of diversity.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

2. Build a base. I put the candle holder on a wood base I bought from Joann’s and then “built” a styrofoam tower on top. I glued the whole thing together using craft adhesive (like this). Once it was dry (I waited 24 hours) I sculpted the styrofoam into a trophy shape with a serrated knife.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

3. Make a 3D collage. Next, I started gluing all my collected materials on the form with a standard glue gun. This process takes some time and I suggest taking a few breaks so you have a fresh perspective when you come back. I slowly built up all the sides until I got it just right. The glue dries pretty fast, but I left the completed piece sit for a couple of hours before I moved on to the next step.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

4. Spray it silver (or bronze, gold, platinum). Take your trophy to a well ventilated place (I went outside) to spray it with a metallic paint and primer (I used Rust-Oleum Universal in Titanium Silver). You want to spray many thin layers in different directions on the piece to cover it without making drips. The basic process is lightly spray then let dry 20 minutes, spray, let dry, etc. When you are happy with the coverage let the paint cure completely for 48 hours.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

5. Touch up. Even with all the spray paint, there was still little areas I needed to touch up with paint or glue. So I sprayed a little paint into the can’s cap and then used an oil paint brush to touch up the paint areas and just used my glue gun again to reattach any loose pieces.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

My trophy has lots of random materials from bottle caps, toy cars and helicopters. On the top I have two wrestler action figures holding a styrofoam football.

DIY Fantasy Football Trophy

On the bottom of the trophy I have a removable frame (it sits behind the two metal swirls of the candle holder) that holds the current champion’s photo. You saw my photo above, but here’s last year’s champion Kip.

Trophy masterpiece

And there you have it – a trophy bursting with dragons, cats and even wrestler men. It all works together with that coat of metallic paint. So go crazy – its a fun project that would be great for a lot of different events.

Happy Football Season Everyone!!


  1. CathyM says

    Our college football pool trophy is made out of tinfoil with a Heisman-pose guy on top. I think this looks much cooler! I’m going to share this with my Claire.

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