A heads-up: sending a letter to all the neighbors

Write to the Neighbors

This small project was one of my favorites to work on. It was a just a little consideration for all the folks who lived around my parents home. Many of them have become friends over the years and I wanted to be considerate of their time so I wrote a letter informing them about the wedding and what to expect.

Here’s what I wrote:

Neighbor Letter

It’s nothing fancy, but I wanted to be personal and give everyone an idea of how special the day was for us. Copies of the finished letter were printed out and decorated so they were stood out from other pieces of mail.

Wedding Prep

Then armed with the finished letters, my Mom and Adie hand delivered them to all the houses surrounding their home about a week before the wedding.

In the days to follow, many of the neighbors send their good wishes and told my parents they appreciated learning about the wedding beforehand and not to worry about any potential issues like street congestion and late night noise. It goes to show that people are usually very understanding if you give them a heads up.

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