My 12-day wedding countdown for our guests

My 12-Day Wedding Countdown

If you remember back to our wed-site post, I talked about setting up a private Facebook group for our wedding guest. This was to limit the amount of info posted about the wedding to a smaller group and allow some camaraderie to happen between our guests.

Facebook Wedding Countdown

Well, one of the most successful techniques I used to build our little community was a 12-day wedding countdown on that private Facebook group page. For the last 12 days before the wedding, I posted a photo and with a fact about the wedding, Nate, myself or us as a couple.

Facebook Wedding Countdown

The countdown was a huge hit and I got so many compliments on it I wanted to share the concept with the rest of the internet. It’s a simple project that requires a little planning, but is really easy and can be done on a variety of places like Facebook, Instagram, your wed-site or even via email.

Here’s a few basic steps and ideas for you to get started.

Setup your own Wedding Countdown

  1. Sketch out what facts you want to list and decide where you want to have the countdown. (Learn about setting up a Facebook Group Page here.)
  2. Try to tie all the facts to the wedding in some fashion. I talked about the wedding site, some of the music that we would play and even some of our design inspiration.
  3. Find photos or create an image for each day. People love photos, so incorporate some vintage and favorite shots to grab your guests interest. I used Photoshop to edit and add text, but you can also one of the many photo editing websites or phone apps.
  4. Engage your quests with questions or request a response. On one of our days, I requested stories about Nate and got a lot of great comments. The best part of the experience was seeing guests who had never met interact on the page with a little encouragement.
  5. Have fun with the countdown and don’t be too serious. Again, the whole idea is to build excitement for your big day so talk about an inside joke or give an interesting fact.

My biggest tip for other couples would be to sketch our your countdown and compile all your photos and captions early. Those last few days before the wedding were so busy I was glad to have my countdown all mapped out.

I hope others have fun with this countdown. I found that our guests appreciated our personal touches to the wedding and this countdown was the foundation for that.

Let me know if you have any questions about putting together your own wedding countdown. I am happy to help!

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