June 2013 Recap

June 2013 Recap

June 2013 Recap

Amazingly, June wasn’t only about the wedding. Here’s our recap of events and other memories from last month.

June 2013 Recap

1) My friends and family threw me two more bridal parties. Each letter of my maiden name represented something that I had to do like a dance move or pose for a photo. I also had a lovely brunch shower hosted at my sister Ali’s house. I am a lucky girl to have so much love showered on me.

2) So much grading happened those first two weeks of June. Nate’s semester ended two days before the big day so he labored over homework, term papers and finals every night. I helped as much as I could, but the most I could do was grade maps and enter grades.

3) And of course the most exciting and beautiful thing that happened this month was getting married. I’ve been posting a lot about the projects leading up to the wedding and as soon as I get our professional photos in I’ll start on the actual event.

4) Another monumental happening in June was Nate’s Samsung Galaxy 4 purchase. After holding out for years, he finally got a cell phone and the world will never be the same. 🙂

5) Starbucks came out with their seasonal summer beverages and the Orange Spice Iced Coffee has become a big favorite of mine. It comes sweetened, but I prefer it with just black with orange slices and cinnamon.

6) Nate and I made a point to spend as much time as we could with all those that traveled for the wedding. We were lucky to have a few nice dinners and special moments with our loved ones before they went home. Here’s Nate’s extended family at dinner before his Aunt Debbie travelled back to North Carolina.

7) Especially here in California, the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 received much jubilation. And of course it happening the same month we got married made it all the sweeter. Yea to more weddings!

8) Josh and Dolly, dear friends of ours, got married in St. Helena two weeks after us. It was a treat to be there to share the moment with them and be able to hang out with a lot of our friends as guests not the center of attention!

9) As I reported in last month’s recap, we’ve been seeing a lot of lizards lately. My mom thought a kit of materials to catch them and other critters would make a great gift for Nate’s birthday. Our first mission was a success at catching this little guy with the net.

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