May 2013 Recap

May 2013 Recap

Good lord! How is it already June?? It’s officially twelve days until the wedding. My to-do list is long, but manageable if I stay on task. Oh boy, June is going to go by fast. Here are some highlights of May.


1) Nate went on his Boys Weekend to beautiful Reno, Nevada. They took Megabus from Sacramento to Reno on Friday morning. Word on the street is they played Blackjack, Jeff cooked up some good grub and someone tried to steal a pair of sunglasses of their porch but was thwarted by a neighbor.

2) I started working on wedding favors. I won’t go in much detail here because I will have a very long post all about it. I will say I learned a lot of valuable info by experimenting with the materials. So my valuable lesson learned was doing this project early gave me the time to do it right.

3) My fitbit and I have solidified our relationship. I wear it day and night. Combined with the Tone it Up Girls Bikini Series I have really kept my anxiety down with a ton of exercise. Hopefully this becomes habit and I continue after the wedding.

4) We had a couple crazy rain storms in May. Here’s the heavy rain cloud wall on my way to my friends’ Annual Que Bueno Nacho Bar Party. Most of the evening was spent under a tent as a rain bucketed down. Don’t worry, I still ate my fair share of cheese.

5) Our apricot harvest was a total bust this year (tears). I had high hopes but those *&$% squirrels got to them first.

6) My hoover had a slow death this month after I repeatedly trying to clean it out to get any suction. In the end I bought a pet vacuum from Bissell that had good reviews. So-far-so-good, but I am not going to review it until at least 6 months in.

7) Some good friends of mine are getting married two weeks after our wedding. It’s been fun having the spotlight on someone else and getting a chance to celebrate them.

8) A few wedding tasks we’ve been avoiding include purchasing Nate’s wedding ring. Neither one of us were looking forward to shopping for the ring, but in the end we really found the perfect band for him.

9) With the warm weather, the cats have been hunting moths and lizards like crazy. One night Loki, surprised us by bringing a 4″ alligator lizard into the house and then losing it. We hoped he ran up the box springs of this chair so we put it outside overnight. Hopefully he escaped and is living a happy lizard life somewhere safe.


Ok, that’s it for May. Now back to the continuing coverage of Andrea + Nate’s wedding.

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