Wedding Prep: Boys Only Work Day

Boys Work Day

A few weeks ago, we had the second “wedding work day” at my parents to prep the yard for the wedding. I was out-of-town on my girls weekend (more on that later), so this work day was all about the amazing gentlemen in our lives.

All photos below are courtesy of my parents. Thanks for documenting guys!

Prepping for the Work Day


Earlier that week, my parents picked up supplies including wood chips and sod for the day. (Seriously, how cute is my dad in this photo?)

Boys Work Day

They had 15 cubic yards of wood chips delivered fill in the garden paths on the far side of the property. They also picked up sod to lay right next to the brand new decomposed granite patio.

Boys Work Day

My dad also got the paths along the back side of the property ready for wood chips. This is where the wedding party will be walking to and from the ceremony.

Breaking it up


Once the work crew arrived on Saturday, they got started breaking up the dirt path that was left over after the decomposed granite patio was installed. The dirt was highly compacted after years under a swing set so the boys had to really put some muscle into it to break it up.

Boys Work Day

Next, Jeremy and my Dad worked on adding a permanent edge between the patio and lawn.

Boys Work Day

They dug a deep ditch and installed a 2×4 along the length of the patio. Once installed it laid flush with the decomposed granite.

Onto the garden paths

Boys Work Day

While Dad and Jeremy worked, the rest of the crew started on the garden paths. A layer of landscape cloth was installed first and then the wood chips were brought in load by load.

Boys Work Day

Teagan the Garden Fairy helped Uncle Nate with his wheelbarrow loads.

Boys Work Day

Here’s the wood chips installed along the path. The boys laid a nice thick path that with time will flatten out.

Installing the sod

Boys Work Day

With the edging complete, it was finally time to lay the sod. The soil was raked and wet down first. Then the sod strips were laid down edge to edge with staggered joints kinda like bricks in a wall.

Boys Work Day

A patch of sod was also laid down next to the citrus trees to cover a bare patch. Once all the grass strips were in, the whole area was watered thoroughly.


It takes about 1-3 weeks for the sod to root to the soil, so it’s a critical time for keeping the grass healthy. My parents have watered daily to keep the entire area moist. It’s important that the sod not be over-watered because it will prevent grass from rooting and potentially cause rot.


Overall, it was a super productive day at the wedding site. We owe a big thank you to Jeremy, Jeff, Joe and Alan for helping us out once again on this epic adventure.

Next, I will report on our work day from the last weekend. You will be able to see how much the sod has grown in the last few weeks.

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