April 2013 Recap

April 2013 Recap

1) We had our traditional Easter over at my Uncle Terry’s house with egg hunt followed by dinner outside. I love this photo of Teagan high-fiving her Dad at the dinner table.

2) If Easter was not enough excitement for Sunday, Nate and I hurried home to catch the first episode of this season’s Game of Thrones. Since then, we’ve waiting in anticipation for the new episode every week. I have read the George R. R. Martin series, but Nate hasn’t so he keeps asking me questions that I refuse to answer. It’s fun.

3) I finished up our wedding invitations with Nate’s help late one April Saturday night then we sent them off the next morning. Even after working in the invitation industry for years, I never knew how exciting it was to get the responses back in the mail. I’m a little sad the daily task is already over 🙁

4) I was lucky to be gifted a Fitbit for each of us. I love the little pedometer and have been wearing it daily to record my steps and calorie burn. I’ve also realized I don’t get nearly as much sleep as I though I did. The pedometer interacts wireless with the Fitbit iPhone app and is so easy to use. I also use  My Fitness Pal to record my meals that also integrates with the Fitbit.

5) Daft Punk released their first single and I really got a kick out of this Dutch DJ grooving to it. Needless to say, the single has been on repeat all month long.

6) Dagny and I had a lot of fun running the Electric Run. I loved watching all the kids running with handfuls of glow sticks through the crowd. It’s a very cool run and I’d easily do it again.

5) My Girls Weekend was held in Santa Cruz. I requested a mellow, jean-wearing, beer drinking weekend and my girls delivered. I hope to do a little post comparing it to Nate’s Weekend but I am waiting for some photos to get it done.

6) I always request that Nate wear his East African outfits and he rarely complies. He must have been in a good mood on Tropical Day for his school’s spirit week when he actually dressed the part.

9) Our kumquat harvest was amazing this year. The best part was connecting with co-workers (me) and students (Nate) through the little fruits. Sometimes it’s a real bonding experience to share memories or next experiences with others.

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