Wedding Planning Begins

I haven’t written much about the upcoming wedding on the blog. Nate and I made the decision to keep the engagement off the web so we could personally tell our friends and family.

But now that we are less than four months away from the big day, I think I can start writing about the planning process. So this will be the first of many wedding posts. In fact you can expect a wedding post every single week from now until June 15th.

But let’s start with the basics…

The date

Wedding Planning

At the beginning of the engagement we thought we’d get married in early spring, but once we started thinking through all the details we decided to move the date to June. Actually two-day after school is out for the summer, three days after Nate’s birthday and the day before Father’s Day.

Did I mention we like to live jam-packed? No it should be a really good date for us.

Venue decisions

Wedding Planning

One of the best things about living in Sacramento is when the weather is warm we have amazing evenings. So it was a no-brainer to have the ceremony & reception outside. After looking at a bunch of venues, we realized that we really want to have a lot of flexibility in the location. Our big hangups with many of the places were 1) built-in catering 2) curfew 3) limitations in decor. So in the end, we decided to host the event at my parents house.

This means we’ve taken on a bunch of work, but I think we are really excited about the possibilities.


Wedding Planning

Now the fun part, planning all the details. Our goal is to have a relax and festive backyard wedding. We’ll vendor out some of the tasks, but many will be on our plate. I’ve been working on the master project list to stay organized.

This weekend’s list includes finalizing the ceremony logistics with Nate and making sure all our guests will fit with my schematic.

Oh, and I promise more home posts are to come this week. I am about 80% done on a bunch of projects and am literally waiting for paint to dry so I can share.

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    Hello Andrea,
    Popping over from the BYW forum – so happy to meet you!
    How exciting, planning your wedding! I look forward to reading more about it.

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