Our engagement story

I recorded this video back in November when the day was still fresh in my mind. Enjoy!

Photos from the day

The ring

Here’s the photo I sent our to friends with my ring. Notice the teal nails and a slight greenish tint to my hand from the Color Run earlier that day.

Fruit bouquet by @dbk1978 with strawberries, green onions and grapefruit

This is a fruit bouquet Dagny gave me to congratulate us on the engagement a few days later. I love how she combined strawberries and green onions. She’s so clever.

We are ready to go! #colorrun #sacramentocolorrun

And finally here’s a few photos from the Color Run since I never posted them on the blog before. This is right before the race begun.

After blue #colorrun #sacramentocolorrun

This is right after the blue color station. Adie told the blue throwers to “bring it” which resulted in her getting it everywhere and looks like a smurf for the rest of the day.

Color drop #sacramentocolorrun #colorrun

Finally, this is at the dance party after the race. I was very proud of my motley color combo. It was a pretty awesome start to my Saturday. Who knew it would even get better!


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