Starting the veg garden early this year

Feb Gardening

In the midst of wedding planning and the Super Bowl this weekend, I got out my Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook to begin planning my garden. I wanted to start early to use a bunch seeds I have stashed in a drawer. You may remember I had grand plans of having a winter garden this season. Well, it never happened so I am more than ready to begin prepping for Spring.

Feb Gardening

The great thing about this particular planner is after figuring out your last frost date, you have a customized week-by-week task list. I think my garden would benefit greatly by me being a little more organized so here’s hoping I stay up on it!

Feb Gardening

Of course, no planner is perfect. My biggest issue with this one is how it transitions from Summer to Fall. Sacramento had a really long growing season so I can’t begin cleaning out my garden for winter when I still have plants producing veggies. So I’ll ignore the planner for a couple of months in late Summer. (Maybe I’ll stick it in the same drawer as my seeds. I’ve done a good job ignoring them the last couple years!) Then when the weather cools, I can just pick up where I left off to prep the garden for winter.

If you are interesting in purchasing – here’s an affiliate link to Amazon.

To start indoors

Feb Gardening

Later this week I plan on starting my tomato and pepper seeds inside. I have an indoor seed starting kit like this with a heating pad I’ll set up near a window. I’ve picked a big heirloom variety and a cherry tomato to start with. Depending on how the seeds do, I may just plan these or add another variety.

Our orange bell pepper did so well last year, I’m going to try this Chinese Giant peppers. This year, I want to make a bunch of homemade salsa, so I am also planting Serrano Chili seeds. I usually am too late to try growing hot peppers so this will be a fun challenge.

To start in the raised beds

Feb Gardening

Outside, I want to get some vegetables started in the raised beds as well. It’s going to be a little experiment to see how well the side garden does in the colder months. My test subjects are carrots, lettuce, spinach, snow peas and onions.

To start in the front pots

Feb Gardening

Our front porch pots are looking super sad these days. My plan is to add some color with these Windowbox Sweet Peas, Dill and Cat Grass. I’ve tried growing sweet peas before, but I’ve never actually had a bloom.

I am excited to see what actual grows. I’ll report back when I have some seedling sightings. Anyone else working on their garden plans? I’d love to hear about it.


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