February 2013 Recap

February 2013 Recap

1) I celebrated my birthday in early February with a big family party at my sister Ali’s. My mom used painters tape as a bow on my gift.

2) With the weather warming, Nate mowed the lawn for the first time this year. We’re starting to see all the bulbs pop up. Soon we will have flowers.

3) I made a themed Oscars dinner for Nate, Joe, Adie and I that featured a “Life of Pi” inspired Indian shrimp dish and gigantic “Lincoln” apple turnovers.

4) This month the wedding planning got real. Nate and I talked through a lot of looming decisions and started to hatch a plan.

5) At work, Nate and I dealt with our school district closing a bunch of elementary schools. As webmaster, I helped with the board meetings presentations while Nate offered community support.

6) I continued following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training program. With the increase in training, I researched ways to help strengthening my hips. I also used the pool as a built-in ice bath after my long runs.

7) My extended family has another selfie text-a-thon.

8) The Harlem Shake meme exploded on the interwebs. My favorite versions are this and this.

9) To ease all the stress at home & work, I found Bring on the Cats that makes me giggle each and every time I load it.

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