Thrifting weekend

I love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song Thrift Store.  Obviously others agree because it just hit #1 on the Billboard Chart this week. Pretty cool for a duo that hasn’t signed to a major label. Not only is the song catchy, but what I truly love about it is sums up my young adulthood. Thinking of thrift shopping really takes me down memory lane. I pretty much dressed exclusively from my local thrift stores in high school and college. Want some proof? Well here’s my top four looks (that I could find documented.)

Thrift weekend

On the left, I am dressed in a silk pantsuit (I wish I could find a photo of the top) for a holiday party with my sister Ali. Then on the right, you have a photo of me my Jr. Year of High School dressed to impress for Homecoming in a dress/pantsuit combo piece.

Thrift weekend

That’s not all. Here’s me on the left at another high school dance in a Bjork inspired ensemble. That dress with the fur is still one of my favorite scores ever. It didn’t fit me very well, but it was so killer I didn’t care. On the right you find me in my favorite t-shirt of all time. Yep, it’s for an auto muffler brand, but damn-it I wore that shirt until it fell apart.

First year of dating

Even years later when I stopped wearing only “vintage” I still loved to shop at thrift stores. In fact, Nate and I went thrift store shopping on our first date. I think he scored some shirts, but I don’t think I got anything.

But we started dating ten years ago and I am sad to say that I rarely go anymore. Why? I don’t think it was a conscious decision to buy more new items, but somehow things changed and I greatly regret that now. I think I started frequenting the IKEAs and Targets and sort of forgot about the thrift store.  Well, I am really to mix things up again and go back to my roots.

Thrift weekend

Inspired by the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, Young House Love posted a thrift store challenge last week that I happily accepted. With my $20 bill in hand, I hit up my favorite thrift store on Saturday.

My goal? To find a frame for a new art project and some colorful accessories for the kitchen.

Here’s what I purchased


I found three white ceramic pots. Each one was a different price based on how dirty they were, but I was pretty sure a little washing would get them all nice and clean so I picked them up for less than $2.00 after discounts.

On the electrical appliance/device aisle I found a black, plastic battery-operated clock. I’ve been wanting to get a simple clock for our bedroom and at only $0.99 this one fit the bill. With some sprucing up and perhaps a new color, the guy is going to be pretty cool.

My favorite find of the trip is this vintage-inspired cocoa tin. It’s a perfect color combo for the kitchen and even-though $1.99 seemed a little expensive it was a splurge I was willing to make for the right piece.

Thrift weekend

Oh  and during my search, I did find a keyboard like the song says. Not sure if it was broken or not.

I finished searching the store without finding any large-scale frames. I couldn’t figure out how I missed them, but when I was checking out at the register I spied them tucked into a corner next to the Men’s clothing. So I dropped off my first purchases in the car and went back to check our the frames. This frame was the ultimate score at$3.95. It’s solid wood with glass and no artwork. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for the artwork you plan on throwing away, but not this time.  I plan on cleaning it up next weekend. I can’t decide if I will paint it or not.

My final purchase was a Russel+Hazel yellow notebook. I’ve seen the same make at Target for $6.99  so I was happy to pick it up. I like how it has the transparent pocket on the front and inside. It will be perfect for coupon/shopping list.


After paying for the frame, I spent a total of $14.31 for everything. I was really happy with all my purchases. With the weather warming, soon it will be time for garage sales and antique fairs as well. I’m excited to rekindle my thrifting this year. Who knows, I may find some more vintage pieces I just can’t live without. I’d love another dress/pantsuit combo in my closet.


  1. Propagatrix says

    Let me get this straight: you live in Sacramento and you are not a regular visitor to Deseret Industries? How can this be? The Mormons run the best-organized thrift store I have ever seen. Clothing is actually arranged according to size, and their book selection is fantastic. Spend lots of quality time there, starting NOW.

    • says

      That’s funny. I always forget about DI for some reason. Probably because it’s on the other end of town, but because of your glowing recommendation I will get my butt out there!

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