2013 Goals and an office reveal

I’ve had a post scheduled about my office for the last six months. I haven’t hit publish because I never thought it was quite ready.

Office Update

But today I decided to revisit the post and turn it into a post about my 2013 goals instead. Why? Well the office space is a perfect example of my #1 goal to finish projects. I’ll go over my whole list later in this post, but now let’s get back to this office reveal….

I’ve been working on my office  on and off over the last three years. Last summer, I fixed it up before we had house guests. Sometimes a little push is the best thing for a procrastinator and it certainly was in this case.

New Layout

Here’s how the office was oriented.

Office update: Old configuration

I had two Expedit bookcases flanking the window and a dining table under the window for an added workspace. The treadmill was placed against the right wall and my desk against the left.

Office update: New configuration

When we moved the dining table out, I reoriented all the furniture so an air mattress would fit when we had guests over. (The dining table was much wider than the bookcase.)

Office Update

The Expedit bookcases were moved. One went against the left wall and the other was turned horizontal under the front facing window.The treadmill was pushed up to the right corner.


Office Update

Next, I reorganized all my boxes and baskets so that my most frequently used supplies lived under the window. This included photography equipment, chargers, my sewing machine and craft supplies.

Office Update

The other Expedit holds some of my clothes, purses and less used supplies.

Gallery wall

Office Update

I wanted this room to be quite colorful so re-positioned my Red Stripe poster above my desk. Then added pieces around it to make it an asymmetric gallery wall.

Office Update

I used a couple of pieces of art I had on hand and a wall clock my dad gave me. To finish off the wall, I framed a favorite postcard from my travels to Spain.

Office Update

Then wrote out a quote I found in a fortune cookie and decorated it with red washi tape.

Inspiration Board

Office Update

I can’t decide if this is crazy or not. I have an inspiration board on the wall facing my treadmill next to Obama.  All my 2013 goals are listed on manila tags. I usually watch my iPad when I am running so I am not concentrating 100% on the board, but it’s a nice reminder of goals and happy things.

Office Update

And speaking off goals, here the complete list for 2013.

2013 Goals

For the home

  • Finish the office (check!)
  • Finish the back patio
  • Finish the prison bath remodel
  • Get the roof and infrastructure replaced
  • Recover the front room furniture
  • Accomplish small changes here and there (I already started this)

For the blog

  • Stick to a schedule
  • Finish my 2013 redesign
  • Make more connections with the blogging community

Personal goals

  • Get married (That’s right! Nate and I will be official this year. Stay tuned for more details.)
  • Stick to a budget
  • Organize photos from 2005-2012
  • Floss daily

Office Update

Wow, that wasn’t too hard at all. Woo!! I am so glad I finally documented my new room. I absolutely love the space. It’s so clean and pretty. I spent a good part of last weekend holed up in here working on my 2013 budget. It wasn’t my favorite subject, but at least I was in an organized environment.


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