November Favorites, Firsts and Surprises

I am switching up my favorite posts a little and experimenting a combo of favorites, firsts & surprises. Previously, I tried five favorites and one regret, but doing the regret was too negative so I hope this new format works out better!

Monthly Favorites

This month I have four favorites.

1. Election

2012 Election

November was all about the General Election and for the first time in ten years I had a real, material stake in the outcome. With California’s Proposition 30 passing, our school district’s calendar doesn’t have to be cut by two weeks. This is good for our schools and personally for our paychecks!


Nate and I went out to some Election Night parties and celebrated with all of my friends still working in the industry.

2. Hard Cider & Pumpkin Beer


I’m obsessed with trying new hard cider and cannot stop trying new varieties. Here’s a sampling of what I have tried including some pumpkin beer and harvest ale.

3. Two Thanksgivings with family!


Well this is a yearly favorite since we have a traditional thanksgiving at my uncle’s and our alternative dinner at my parents. Here’s a photo of my sister Adie and cousin Molly at the official festivities.


Once we recovered from Turkey Day, the planning and cooking for our Alt Thanksgiving begun. Read my review of the full menu of this year’s feast from Mexico here.

4. More football


Sundays are all about the NFL at our house these days. I watch as much as I can between errands and projects. Nate usually spends the day catching up on grading papers.


Having a winning fantasy team also helps. I enjoy keeping up with my roster on my phone and iPad. It makes the day all the more exciting.

Firsts & Surprises

Very often a surprise or first time accomplishing something is a memorable experience. Here’s a few that stood out this month.

My first 10k


If you asked me six months ago if I’d run a 10k race my answer would be a big “heck no.” At most, I have been a 2-3 mile runner. And that was pushing it, but after doing The Color Run this summer, I was inspired to push it some more and see what I am capable of. I’d like to get up to a half marathon before June next year. Here’s me and Christina at the Davis Turkey Trot finish line.

My first handmade wreath


I wrote earlier this month about my life long obsession with real wreaths. I was surprised how easy they can be to make and hope to continue making wreaths from now on now that I have a form.

Most surprising: Our pineapple guava tree has fruit!


This month’s surprise is learning about the delicious fruit from our Pineapple Guava Tree. You can learn all about it by reading my post.


That’s all I got for November. Now it’s officially the holiday season, I am moving fast forward into the mayhem. Cheers!

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