Holiday piece by piece

Holiday piece by piece

This year I am easing into the holiday decorations with greenery and a few craft projects.

Christmas cactus

Our grocery store had amazing pink Christmas cacti that I had to pick up. I am bound and determined to keep this one alive.

I just found this simple tutorial on how to take care and promote it blooming that should help me out.

Holiday piece by piece

I also purchased a new Amaryllis bulb. I got a white one this year that I think will look great with a bunch of paper whites I am going to dig up from the garden. There is something I love about white flowers at Christmas time.

Christmas bulb

I hope it begins to grow soon. Fingers crossed I at least get the plant for Christmas.

Holiday piece by piece

Last week I painted a new underlay for my IKEA coffee table. I was very inspired by the simple, modern look seen on Oh Happy Day recently.

Holiday piece by piece

After measuring out the piece of paper, I made a simple vine stencil out of a piece of card stock to stencil down the middle. I stuck with white paint and after it was dry I lined it with thick gold ink pen line. I then traced gold circles and free-handed blue stars on both sides of the stencil.

Holiday piece by piece

Once it was dry I placed it on the table and trimmed it with an x-acto knife to fit. Then I had to carefully place the glass tabletop back on top.

Greenery & Underlay Cost

Christmas Cactus – $3.95
Amaryllis – $4.95
Kraft Paper Underlay – Free

TOTAL – $7.95

What do you think? I am really liking the blue, gold and white color scheme. I am thinking I may be repeating it elsewhere in the house…

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