Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom Ceiling

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on the prison bathroom. To update the cracked, old ceiling, we sanded off all the old paint and flakes and then hired a professional to skim coat it for us. Nate really wanted a smooth finish and didn’t think he could execute it well.

Unfortunately even with the professional help, we have a few spots that flaked off. (I’d show you a photo, but there is so little contrast that it the flaked off parts look like a polar bear in a snow storm.) Our vendor came out a second time to fix the issues for us. Everything looked great after it dried, so we left the ceiling alone for about a month as we finished other projects.

Bathroom Ceiling

Over Thanksgiving Break, we picked up the project again to give it a final sanding before we painted. Three sections flaked again so we plan on just fixing them ourselves. With so much trouble getting the ceiling smooth, we now wish we had gone with a texture or started the  whole project from scratch.

Live and learn, I guess. The good thing about this is the bathroom is tiny. I would have hated to learn this lesson in a larger space where we could have had more issues.  Just searching the internet for “smooth ceiling” comes up with many horror stories. It makes me a tad bit glad that we have the wood planked ceiling in most of the house.

Bathroom Ceiling

With our Winter Break approaching, Nate and I are both excited to tackle some of the remaining projects to finish this bathroom. Here’s what is left to do…

Prison Bath To-Do List

  • Install flooring in closet
  • Refinish concrete floor
  • Make & install shelf next to sink
  • Buy shower head, new sink faucet, medicine cabinet, mirror & lighting above the sink
  • Install granite shower walls
  • Install external shower head
  • Buy & install toilet
  • Refinish sink and tub
  • Install sink and faucets

Crap, we still have so much to do.

I’d like to get the flooring installed in the closet, plus the granite and shower head in over the break. We also need to make final decisions on our fixtures, faucets and toilet.


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