Three more drips

Rainy Day in the Neighborhood

Rainy weather came in two nights ago and with it my worry about how our roof will do this winter.


Our great room is already dripping like a sieve and just this morning I found three new drips in the front room.


Seeing them almost sent me to tears. This whole roof issue is so stressful.

The ceiling

I am sure some people think we are crazy to have our great room ceiling open to the rafters for over a year, but the decision on how to fix the roof became a bigger project then Nate and I realized. We had hoped we could just patch it, but the more we’ve researched and talked to experts it became apparent the whole roof needed to go.

Over the last year, we’ve been inching closer and closer to a final solution. I’ve paired down our journey to four main questions.

Should we keep the original roof line or pitch it?

Trimming the tree

This dilemma was the absolute hardest for me to wrap my head around. It took me months with plenty of discussion with family and friends to go with my gut and stick with the original roof line. A pitched roof would have given us more storage, but for me the mid-century modern house won out.

Should we improve other issues at the same time?


The list of “other issues” is actually quite long for us. With all our pipes  running on the roof and no easy access to our rafters because of our plank ceiling, we have a lot of potential updates including:

  • Insulate the rafters
  • Update our electrical
  • Rework our water and gas pipes so they run more efficiently
  • Insulate the new plumbing
  • Run gas pipes to the master bathroom and fireplace
  • Install tank-less hot water heater(s)
  • Prep the ceiling for our kitchen remodel by installing new range exhaust system

Every added project costs more money so we will have to do as much as we can. Most likely are the insulation, plumbing and electrical improvements.

What materials should we use?


I plan to go into some detail about the options once we make a decision.  We’ve talked to roofers, contractors and vendors with experience with commercial roofing.

What can we afford?


Currently we are waiting for our last bid to come in. Once we get that, we will be working on financing and making our final decision. With so many moving pieces, I’m a little worried about final cost. This isn’t a project we can do in phases and it’s going to completely disrupt the house (and cats). I’d love to push this off for a year or two, but the drips in the ceiling are telling me otherwise.

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