Happy Halloween from Midas and her fantastic animals

Midas and her extraordinary animals #catcostumesarethebest #halloween

Happy Belated Halloween! I hope you had a lovely evening of tricks and treats. Currently it’s about 10pm and I am lounging in sweats after scrubbing gold glitter off me for an eternity. The pain of removal was well worth it.


I took my Pinterest inspired gold painted shirt, a long black skirt, gold bangles and hoop earings then ut my hair up in a bun and tied a gold twisty thing around my head like a crown.


Next I applied a crap load of Martha Stewart glitter paint (don’t worry it’s non-toxic) down one side of my body. On my face I used al the gold makeup I had to embellish my face. I applied gold all over my face to give it a gold sheen. Then I outlined my eyes in black kohl and used a Glitter Eye Pencil to line my upper lid and lips.

Now on to the important stuff, my cat costumes.

I had taken inspiration from this amazing photo that made its way around the internet about a month ago and a few baby costumes.

Nate is demonstrating each cat costume below since the cats wouldn’t sit still for me. Bless him. I decide to push cat gender stereotypes and dress Loki as a unicorn and Pixel as a bat. Both costumes were made out of felt, elastic, cardboard and a bunch of tacky glue.


For the unicorn, I made my horn out of cardboard and then wrapped it with glitter felt. I then built a base of the horn with a couple layers of felt to secure it in place. Then I used gold puffy paint to add the spiral to the horn.

Working on the cat unicorn hat

I let it dry overnight then cut the ear holes out and secured elastic for the chin strap. Here’s Loki allowing me to put the hat on as I adjust the ear holes.

Bat costume

My second costume was a little dark which fit Pixel to a tee. I decided to make her a diabolical bat. I traced out my bat wings on cardboard and then black glitter felt. I made a felt sandwich with the cardboard in the middle to add structure to the wings and glued it all together. Then I attached the wings to a cardboard base.


After the wings dried overnight, I added another piece of felt support on the back of each wing to keep them upright. Again, I glued it all together and let it dry. Then I attached to each corner of the base to two elastic bands so I could secure it to Pixel’s torso.

Pixel wore her costume twice as long as Loki did. I think next year’s costumes may focus more on the torso look since it doesn’t bother them as much as putting something on their heads.


After messing with the cats, we moved our attention to the front of the house. Nate graded and I made us dinner listening to a great Halloween mix. We got a record number of tricker treaters and almost ran out of candy before it started to rain. Overall, it was a mellow Halloween evening.

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