Veg and Herb Garden 2012

Closeup of orange bell pepper

Having vegetables planted in my yard may be one of my favorite things about summer. To me, nothing beats a meal of fresh tomato, basil and cucumber salad, grilled piece of meat or fish and a cold beer on a summer night. It’s absolutely perfect.


You can imagine how excited I was to get my veggie garden in this year. With our new raised beds installed, I was willing to give our side yard one last chance as a real vegetable garden. The first attempt failed miserably, but I hoped with a bit more organization and patience, it would be successful this time.

Planting raised beds

Early spring I added manure and other nutrients to the soil to prep it. Then, I figured out exactly what I wanted to plant with a quick sketch on graph paper.


A couple of weekends ago with all my plants and seeds ready, I marked out my beds in square foot increments. Then everything was laid out according to my sketch before I planted. It’s hard for me to gauge how big all the plants get, so this method works best for me.

Cork Veggie Markers

I made up some wine cork markers for each plant that I stuck into the bed as soon as I planted. This way I made sure to know where to watch for seedlings to emerge.

Side yard veg bed

Here’s the full rundown of what veg and herbs I planted this year.

I bought plants for the varieties that wanted to give a head start.

The rest were planted as seeds because they are quick-growing or are better planted as seeds like the bush bean.

Close up of chard and beets

So far the beans, chard, beets, radishes and basil have come up with starts. If the others don’t appear soon, I’ll replant with some other seeds.

Planted back containers

I also planted a few more pots in the backyard near the pool. These tall planters are great for tomatoes so another mystery medium red and a new variety called Indigo Rose that my mom gave me were planted. (Yes, that’s a total of four tomato plants. We really like fresh tomatoes.)

In the teal pots, I added another eggplant and a cucumber bred for porch gardens. Nasturtiums and alyssum seed should also be spouting soon. I hope they will give the pots some much-needed color.

And with all that, Nate and I are pretty set. We should have plenty of produce for the summer. I am so stoked.

Since the planting, I have been watering daily and so far the side yard is going strong. So fingers crossed it will continue. Next up on the veg gardens is to install an irrigation system, tomato cages and other supports and mulch hopefully this weekend.

Please excuse my dark murky photos. I am having a lot of trouble taking photos of the yard. The lighting is so bright! Hopefully I’ll figure out the proper setting soon.

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