Happenings in May

Let see… May was a the month for warm weather, working on a lot of outdoor projects and many important events to celebrate. Here’s my highlights and a smattering of photos I took this month.


#1 – Ten years with this guy

Irish Beach Trip

Here’s what I wrote of fb that pretty much sums it all up.

“This weekend Nate and I are celebrating 10 year together. What a decade it has been. We’ve had a ton of fun and crazy adventures together. As Nate often says, ‘all I do is love’ and it’s very true. I am a lucky girl to share my life with this one. So here’s to many, many more. [Clink!]”

Black Keys poster for Nate

I got a limited edition poster from the Black Keys show we went to earlier this month as an anniversary gift for Nate. It’s become a little tradition to get concert photos for him. For our 5th year anniversary I got a White Stripe’s poster from one of the first shows we went to as a couple. The funny thing is I got the poster for the wrong show. The White Stripes played at the same venue with one of the same opening band the year before, so instead of getting the 2002 poster I got the 2001 poster. Needless to say, I am lovingly teased about this all the time. Now, I like to get the poster soon after the show. This Black Keys poster sold out online within minutes, so I ended up purchasing it on ebay.

#2 – Black Keys Concert

Thanks @theblackkeys for the show tonight. You rocked Sactown.

… and speaking of the Black Keys, their show was definitely one of my May highlights. Seeing these guys live has been a mission of mine since I first heard Brothers. We took Joe and Adie with us and I think we were all blown away. It was an amazing performance and I’d go see them again in a heartbeat.

#2 – Sunflower Market opened


When we first moved in, there were rumors that Trader Joe’s was going to move into a dated shopping center near the house. Later we found out the talks between TJ’s and the landlord fell apart. It was a major bummer and since then I have been dreaming of a cute neighborhood market in that space. Well, it finally happened this month and I am in love with the new Sunflower Farmers Market. It’s a good fit for our neighborhood and now I can easily pick up stuff for dinner without going to the big supermarket.

#3 – Sacto Mofo Festival


Dagny, Dean and I biked to the SactoMofo Festival to eat some excellent grub. It’s a great mobile food festival that happens a couple of times a year in Sacramento. I had an amazing stuff including homemade Ginger Beer, Tofu and Chard Bao and Hawaiian Shaved Ice with Azuki Beans.

#4 – Making my first decent pizza

@Adieboo and I are ready to eat our grilled fish pizza. #comeandgetit #dinner

After many failed attempts, I was able to make a homemade pizza without holes, thick dough or some other catastrophe. Of course I had pro-dough-prepper Adie on hand to assist. We made a delicious Broccoli, Cheddar, Garlic and Smoked Trout pizza on the grill. I know it doesn’t sound very tasty, but let me tell you it was epic. We enjoyed it while watching our weekly installment of reality TV like the Voice (this month it’s all about So, you think you can dance).

Some photos I took this month



1. @Adieboo and I are ready to eat our grilled fish pizza. #comeandgetit #dinner, 2. Last night’s #skyline #photoadaymay, 3. My morning outfit. Color blocked sweats. #photoadaymay, 4. Sac Ballet at CKM tonight, 5. #Fun sunglasses #photoadaymay, 6. 20120421_iphone_0282, 7. 20120421_iphone_0305, 8. Ferni by the fire, 9. Thanks @theblackkeys for the show tonight. You rocked Sactown., 10. Two cats in a window, 11. Feline Friday: Drug Lord, 12. photo, 13. Teagan rescues the baby shark w/ Gma cheering her on. #mothersday, 14. How I woke up this morning #cats, 15. Dagny and @adieboo at Thirteen. Wine and salad before the show., 16. The mighty chia seed #snack #photoadaymay, 17. 042712_5506, 18. 042712_5510, 19. Framing the closet, 20. Talking through the pitfalls, 21. 042812_5346, 22. Veggie labels made from wine corks. Something I made. #photoadaymay, 23. Our tree produced bushels of apricots this year. I need to research some recipes stat., 24. Going to make me some Ginger Grilled Fruit! Thanks @goodhealth!, 25. 042912_5241, 26. Decompression w/ a limited lager and seaweed snacks #photoadaymay #unique, 27. Not bad at all. @fullsailbrewing #ltd05, 28. Traveling to brunch #photoadaymay, 29. Photo Mosaic, 30. Had to employ cat deterrents in the garden beds, 31. Pool weather today #photoadaymay, 32. Side yard veg bed, 33. Cork Veggie Markers, 34. photo, 35. Finding a pack of colored masking tape and holder in the Target kids section makes me very happy

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